Can anyone recommend a good dentist?

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Simona123s Thu 07-Apr-16 17:22:08

Generally, I am quite scared of the dentists, but I go to the dentist in North London in Stoke Newington, Odontica clinic. Dr Marijus is the best. He has 63, 5 star NHS reviews and 37 reviews on Google up to this date.

bochead Tue 05-Jun-12 21:26:37

Creekside dental surgery on Creek Road gets my highest accolades. Brilliant with my ASD son as well as excellent treatment for myself when needed. Can get emergency appointments at short notice if needed etc.

Takes NHS patients and goes that extra mile (eg they see my son every 2-3 months instead of the standard 6 monthly intervals & are very prompt with referrals to hospital if needed).

mrssuziewong Mon 20-Feb-12 12:41:47

Try doing a search for "Top 1000 Dental Surgeries" as they have patient recommendations.

monkeysmama Tue 10-Jan-12 16:46:57

I go to the dentist next to Westcombe Park station, Westcombe Park Dental Practice. Helen is very good.

Tinsie Thu 24-Nov-11 01:20:05

I've been happy with the emergency treatment I've had at the Merivale Dental Practice on Greenwich South Street. A friend has been going there for years, she's the one who recommended them to me.

GeriH Tue 22-Nov-11 11:16:35

Thanks Lucidlady, that's an easy journey from here and then handy for when I return to work as well- will check them out!

lucidlady Tue 22-Nov-11 11:10:27

If you can get to London bridge, I'd recommend the dentists on tooley street, beside the war museum. London bridge dental practice - they are excellent.

GeriH Tue 22-Nov-11 11:07:05

Hi all,

I moved to Greenwich about 4 years ago and just never quite got round to finding a new dentist, and I have just discovered that my old dentist in west London has retired. Can anyone recommend a good dental surgery in SE London? Typically I have waited until I actually need some treatment (my pregnancy has brought on some gum disease sad ) so I'm keen to see someone asap. Thanks!

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