can I recommend my nanny/mother's help/babysitter/cleaner/French teacher?!

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Tabster Wed 09-Nov-11 14:03:28

I have a fabulous French nanny who I can't use as much as she'd like - she's free all day until 3pm, plus the whole of Wednesday or Thursday, plus weekends.

If anyone needs a hand with children/home care/French, let me know!

hope74 Mon 14-Nov-11 10:33:12

Hi Tabster - I was looking for a nanny share and was thinking 2 days a week would be good. Catch is I probably will not need her help until mid-March 2012. Would she be willing to wait that long? Baby does not arrive until February!

Also - is she willing to clean and do house hold chores while the baby is sleeping?


hope74 Mon 14-Nov-11 10:40:02

Oh....also meant to say if she does cleaning, would be happy to have her start with the cleaning immediately, probably 4 hours a week, every other week until the baby arrives....

Eggs Wed 16-Nov-11 22:12:53

Where are you located, I am looking for a babysitter and a cleaner.

MrsFogi Thu 17-Nov-11 16:31:53

Tabster - could you CAT me her contact details as I may be able to give her occassional babysiting and weekend work.

Tabster Tue 22-Nov-11 21:33:19

she's based near haringey but she comes over to Blackheath to work for me!

momsey Wed 30-Nov-11 14:32:37

Nothing like word of mouth. I'm in Greenwich and looking for a night nanny - is she interested.

Tabster Fri 02-Dec-11 18:21:11

what sort of hours would it be?

Jiawang Wed 04-Apr-12 17:45:14

Looking for part time Mother's Help (3-4 days morning/afternoon a week)

We are an easygoing family with a baby boy of four month old. As no parents' help available and dad works hard, I would love to have another pair of hands to help me out. I need someone who  understands the needs of a new mum, has experience in helping similar first time family. 

Work includes:
- baby: look after baby while I have a bit 'Me' time, such as nap, do my own things around the house.  Very patient and calm with baby's crying and holding/bobbing baby patiently to calm baby. 

-cooking: it will be a bonus if you are good and efficient at cooking and enjoy delicious food as I do and can help us with meal plan. Otherwise, it's Some cooking for freezer.

-household work: light work such as once a week hoover a two bedroom flat, mop living room floor once/twice a month, hanging washing out, dish washing. 

Be very flexible about which dates you can do and can change on last minute's notice as you understand that I'm a new mum and most of the times it's hard to plan ahead and sometimes I might want you to stay a bit longer and sometimes I might suddenly want to go out to meet other mums for a sanity chat but of course I will be reasonable in telling you as soon as I can about my plan and you can either do more hours on another day or be proactive about how to use the time such as fancy cooking, deep clean bathroom. 

We live in Greenwich, SE10. My name is Jia, my mobile is 07896234212.

CharlieMad Fri 24-Aug-12 15:15:46

I know Little Ones specialise in placing French nannies in part time and full time positions. You could suggest she registers with them. Agencies tend to have a lot of part time jobs.

bigbadwritersblock Tue 28-Aug-12 08:17:19

Hello Tabster

Your nanny might be exactly what I'm looking for. I want someone 1 or 2 days a week plus baby-sitting. I use a cleaner and would be happy to use her for this as well.

I'm looking for someone to start in October/November



bigbadwritersblock Wed 29-Aug-12 19:44:33


Any update on this....



katuci Wed 09-Jan-13 18:00:30

Is this nanny still available? I am looking for a part-time nanny from 21 January for my 9 months old son, we live at Maze Hill station.
Thanks for contacting me on M: 07979405673
Thanks, Kata

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