Pregnant and due at the end of the year... December!

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MummytobeLizz Sat 07-May-11 14:30:02

Hi All...

I am putting this post up and if you happen across it in the next few months, are pregnant and due in Nov/Dec/Jan, please do get in contact. My EDD is 21/12/11 but since I will need a Cs, baby will prob be arring nearer the beginning of the month...

I live near Westcombe Park, this is my first baby and although DH and I are very excited, we also know NOTHING!!
Any advice from those on number 2/3 etc gratefully received and any other newbies - your company would be great!

I intend on taking a year's maternity leave starting from the end of November and therefore other new-mum company would be great...

Looking forward to hearing from you!


aStarInStrangeways Sun 08-May-11 08:40:44

Hello smile I grew up on Westcombe Pk Rd and would live there again in a heartbeat, but sadly it is not to be sad Doesn't stop me from bumping this for you though!

Congrats on your baby-to-be, and as someone currently expecting their second I will just say that it is so, so worth it. Babies are great, and watching them grow up into little people is amazing. My son is 2.5 now and he makes me laugh every single day smile

Might also be worth reposting this in Pregnancy, if you haven't already, since it tends to get higher traffic than the local boards.

StephDixang Tue 30-Aug-11 12:12:04

Hi Lizz.
Just joined mumsnet as I've been on netmums for a little while.
I'm a 1st time mum too and so I'm trying to get to know other mum's out there.
I go to the yoga antenatal class over in the arches sat mornings, and I've been attending daisy class on a wed eve ovr in Blackheath - would be nice to bump into each other there. smile

bexibean Wed 28-Sep-11 21:19:43

Hi Lizz,

I live in the Westcombe Park area, am due on the 16th of December with my first baby, also finish work in late November and am planning to take a year of maternity leave, so snap! Where are you planning to have your baby?

GeriH Thu 06-Oct-11 16:32:40

Hi Lizz, Steph and Bexibean,

I'm due on 10th December with my first one and start my mat leave 4th November - can't wait! grin

I was going to join the NCT antenatal classes to try and meet some other first time mums but balked a bit at the 300 price tag when my hospital had already offered them to me for free, so thought I'd see who was out there on mumsnet. Perhaps a meetup mid-late November might be an idea?

Wingdingdong Sat 08-Oct-11 18:52:25

Hi, I'm due with #2 in Feb. For those in the Westcombe Park area, Lizzie at Pistachio's in the Park (East Greenwich Pleasaunce) holds Mums & Babies coffee mornings on Weds am. Check out East Greenwich NCT events too - there's a facebook page (but I'm not on FB so couldn't link for you, sorry) and they hold Bumps mornings. The E Greenwich Rep had #2 last month so there may be a bit of a pause or it may not have been updated very recently but worth checking anyway.

You don't have to go to NCT Antenatal classes to join the local NCT (and indeed you don't even have to be a NCT member to go to events, though a donation's appreciated and if you go regularly it's a bit cheeky not to pay the relatively small annual fee).

Also in East Greenwich Pleasaunce, there are Under Fives sessions at the community centre (old One O'Clock Club) next to the cafe. If you come along on a Friday morning (10-12) you'll definitely meet several BTDT mothers (many currently pregnant again) who can point you in the direction of other events/people.


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