oving to wotton under edge or Kingswood

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dynamicduo Thu 09-Jun-16 15:11:10

Hi my son & I will be moving hopefully very soon to this area . I would love to hear of great places to live where families with boys similar age to 12 are . Is there clubs etc for children & more importantly how easy is it to make friends for my son as he will know no one.
I am visiting the KLB school Monday, which has an impressive Ofsted report.
Any views on friendliness of the area & what its like to live here would be great .

Sarahliz9 Fri 10-Jun-16 13:27:12

Wotton is nice, the high school is excellent from what I hear smile

dynamicduo Fri 10-Jun-16 13:42:33

thanks for the feedback .

itsnothingoriginal Fri 10-Jun-16 18:07:56

I live in this area with a child at KLB! Happy to pm you with any info that would be useful. It's a great school and a lovely place to live smile

dynamicduo Fri 10-Jun-16 19:06:50

great yes please. Are KLB good at helping children fit in as my son is a year 7 coming to a school knowing no one . Also are they good for sciences as this is his thing.My son likes rugby , cricket & windsurfing are there any clubs nearby that he could join.
What would you suggest as the best way to meet other parents with similar aged children.
Thanks so much for offer of advice, I do hope I haven't bombarded you !

Wolfiefan Fri 10-Jun-16 20:45:33

My son joined Y7 knowing no one. It was fine. Not sure about clubs exactly. Rugby definitely in Dursley. Quick google suggests Wickwar for cricket but not sure if adult or child. Cotswold Water Park for windsurfing. Though The Wave (think that's the name) is planned near Bristol.
PM me if you want.

Wolfiefan Fri 10-Jun-16 20:46:15

Oh also sports facilities at school very good. Could access clubs through them?

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