Cheltenham/Cirencester Villages

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hanthom Sun 24-Apr-16 12:00:58

Also posted on Cheltenham & Gloucester, hope that's ok.
Hi there, we are contemplating a move to somewhere more rural that has good access to big town, or city. Cheltenham has come up quite a few times in our searches as an area that seems to fit the bill! We would like to be somewhere rural/semi rural as we have horses and other animals. Are there any villages with easy access to Cheltenham (preferred at present) that anyone would recommend I concentrate my search on? We have 3 daughters aged, 6 almost 8 and 10. We currently live in Hertfordshire and would prefer to be able to drive to London in 2 - 2.5hrs. Open to any ideas though! Thanks in advance.

KateInAState78 Tue 07-Jun-16 19:07:54

Churn valley parishes? Coberley, Cowley, Colesbourne and Elkstone. Easy access to Cheltenham, quick to get to M5 or over to Cirencester/Swindon for M4 and just outside Cheltenham. Amazing state primary in Coberley, good private options that side of Cheltenham too.

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