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fionamw Sun 09-Mar-14 08:53:20

Hello Mumsnetters. I'm actually a bit of a fraud as I'm sitting in sunny Andalucía. BUT we're considering a move back, almost certainly to Ciren or area. I've posted in Mumsnet general with no response so it suddenly clicked maybe I needed to be more local!
We were thinking of putting our 12year old son in for the entrance exams to either Sir Thomas Rich's or Pate's (though from their reply that wouldn't be made easy for us!)
BUT our biggest consideration alongside academic results, rugby (he's a team captain out here) and so on is whether or not the school can accommodate someone with a second 'first' language - ie Spanish?? He's bilingual except a minor shortfall in vocabulary due to us not being native Spanish speakers ourselves. We need to find either somewhere with a native Spanish speaking member of staff so extra tuition can be slotted in, or figure a way of getting private extra-curricular sessions. Anyone any thoughts on Rich's, Spanish, tutoring, au pairs, Spanish families in the area to ask, or any of the above? ! Thanks in advance. and of course saludos!

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