big house Highnam (Gloucester) or little house Cirencester

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kedward1 Sun 02-Mar-14 20:40:11

hello everyone,

new to this but hoping you can help. my husband and I are moving from Bristol to find a nice countryside family home in Gloucestershire as I work in Cheltenham and he in Gloucester. We're not parents yet but we're hoping to be!

We're unsure whether to go for the perfect location or the perfect(ish) house. we've found a lovely big house with amazing downstairs living space in Highnam that we could stay in for many years once we have a family just west of Gloucester but it's pretty rural and doesn't seem to be much on our door step. Gloucester is nearby but as I don't know it I've been doing some google research but people seem to say it's rundown with lots of rough areas.

Cirencester is lovely with lots of nice pubs, restaurants, shops and coffee places etc but it's so desirable that for our budget we couldn't get the spacious family home we want and would have to settle for a smaller place.

Location or house - what we do?! smile

thanks so much in advance.

fionamw Mon 10-Mar-14 06:08:48

Hi;I'm new here too! ... and thinking of a relocation to Ciren, though we have the slight advantage that my OH already has a house there and all it requires is a move from Spain and a decision over larger garden, more rural property, better for family/pets, or smaller garden, lovely house but not that brilliant for a family lifestyle.
And that last word is what you should focus on. You won't truly know til you've had children, believe me, but try to make note of what you like to do: really like to do. Do you like pottering outside or prefer to go for coffee with your friends? Do you love the idea of going to a park to spend family time or do you think that needs to be at home? Are you homebodies or socialites? Anyway, just a few thoughts...............

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