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B262 Mon 23-Dec-13 09:41:40

Dear parents,
I am new on mumsnet, so please bear with me. Apologies if this topic/ discussion has already been posted, but just wanted to get as much information about primary schools in Gloucestershire as possible. We live in Cirencester, and OH works in cheltenham, I work from home and travel to London couple of days a week. we need to move to a bigger house, so we thought Cheltenham or Gloucester or stay in cirencester. and we thought we may as well be near a good primary school as its going to be a long term thing.
We narrowed down primary schools in Cirencester to Powell's and Stratton. Cheltenham primary schools (Leckhampton, Naunton) but not sure about Gloucester school. I like Hucclecote area in Gloucester but not sure about schools there.
I know that in order for my LO to get to any of those good schools we will have to live within 0.5 miles (or less) of the schools, and for a decent 3-4 bed you could be spending 300K to half a mil in Leckhampton for example. I suggested to OH that we send our LO to Private school and we don't have to be so restricted as to where we live, but OH does NOT want to send him to private schools. I went to a (fee paying) school with american system so british system schooling is new to me. OH says Private schools are generally for a middle class/ upper class and they teach the same thing as state schools.
Can you please advise on what would be better, a less expensive house and private school or expensive house and state school. Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you.

KSMaj Thu 09-Jan-14 16:55:52

Hi, well I went to stratton school in Cirencester and it was a good school. My parents still live in Cirencester and I have recently moved back and it is friendly and has lovely surroundings for a child to grow up in. It's true that the houses in and around the Cotswolds are so expensive but I am sure there is a reasonably priced one somewhere that will suit you. I would say that you should at least consider the local state schools and compare them to the private ones you are interested in too. You'll have more money for a beautiful new home and in general if you choose the state school option so at least go and see.

higgit Tue 14-Jan-14 13:34:18

Hello there - can't help with recommending primaries in Gloucester, but can hopefully give you a little more info on the state vs private. We located to Ciren a year and a half ago from London, where our 2DD's were in a good state primary. Looked at Powells and Stratton, which were impressive, but very oversubcribed. Couldn't get a clear pic of other primaries and moving schedule meant we had no control over which school she would be placed at. Ended up going private to ensure high academic standards. Am shocked at the difference in expected attainment levels in state vs private. Take a look at any 11+ exam and compare it with the state SAT's (you can find examples of both on the net) There is a big is not a level playing field. Add on the fact that gov has relaxed cap on class numbers in state schools over Y3, you can expect large classes of very mixed ability at the good state primaries.....vs guaranteed small classes plus appropriate streaming at private schools. Private schools vary a lot in character......the school my kids are at (Rendcomb) is very friendly...not snotty....if that's what your DH is concerned about!!!! Best thing to do is visit and see...Good luck!

Vardan2011 Tue 18-Mar-14 22:29:15

Hi there, my daughter just finished last year at Stratton Primary in Cirencester. The school is excellent and is difficult to get in to. We are now at Pates Grammar in Cheltenham. Stratton is smaller than Powells and has some very dedicated teachers, my daughter was stretched enough to be doing year 7 work. Good luck!

B262 Wed 19-Mar-14 07:12:26

Thanks for your reply. Would you say Stratton school is better than powells? What's Stratton like as an area?
We thought if our little one doesn't get in top schools in Cirencester we will send him to rendcomb.

B262 Wed 19-Mar-14 07:14:24

Thank you Higgit. I completely agree with you and I think we will be in the same situation as you when the time comes to send our little one to school.

Thanks for your reply.

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