Bream, Whitecroft, Lydney

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skratta Mon 01-Apr-13 21:00:09

I am looking into the history of Bream (near Forest of Dean) near Lydney.

My relative was evacuated from Essex (Dagenham) in 1940 to Bream. She lived on the road going to Whitectoft, and left in 1946/7 (she left later as she was doing O Levels) and went to the grammar school in Lydney.

Anyone with any knowledge of the history?

Or any photos of the area around that time or any name lists or anything? She came when she was 11 (born in 1929) with her brother I think, but ended up moving from her first house. Her second home was great and the family had a share in a pig. One of the families owned a general store type thing too. Sorry!

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