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NewMum2BabesInTowe Wed 02-Jan-13 14:04:57

I am embarking on the biggest move of my life. Myself and my two beautiful babes (aged 4 and 6) are relocating from the Middle East to Cheltenham, Leckhampton during the Easter holidays.

I am currently tearing my hair out with the trauma of the chicken and egg - in order to get a place for my daughter in school, I must have an address....which I do not have yet.

I have been reading the posts about the areas in town - MOST helpful and REALLY appreciated.

I understand there are three primary schools in that area (Leckhampton) - does anyone have any pros/cons they can throw at me - as a single mum who will be studying, working full time and juggling the two babes?

StMarksMostly Tue 08-Jan-13 16:17:45

Wow! How exciting.

I'd check out which schools have breakfast and after school clubs as a first step. Some do, but not all, and that will make your life a lot easier!

What I'd say about Leckhampton is that the catchment areas can be tiny. The website has freedom of information requests on the effective catchment area, and last year Leckhampton primary was 0.4 of a mile! Tiny! And of course that was for reception places. Bear in mind that you will be making in-year applications for both children, it may be difficult to get them both into some of the highly over-subscribed schools as it relies on a place opening up because someone has left. Gloucestershire website has information on making in-year applications which might help guide you?

birthskills Tue 08-Jan-13 22:20:04

We had similar issues a few years ago, we ended up deciding to live further away from Cheltenham where there are lots of very good village schools and some excellent secondaries. If you can travel - which is costly with fuel, have a look just outside and see what's available. However village life is very different from being in the town.

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