Stroud Mums?

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Joobyloo Tue 04-Dec-12 07:22:13

Hi there - I just joined Netmums and thought that the Stroud area would be brimming with classes and meet ups and all the rest, but all I see is tumbleweed! I'm very early in my pregnancy so just starting to feel my way around at the moment - is anybody out there??! (echo echo echo)...

LozzerMcFlozzer Thu 28-Feb-13 22:36:58

hi Joobyloo,
I'm not going to be much help but wanted to fill the silence for. Congrats on your pregnancy!! We moved to Stroud 4 months ago but after I'd started work so never did the baby thing. I'm sure there's lots on though?! I have a 1 year old but sadly work full time sad. Maybe i can join you for number two though??!

Hope you are managing to relax and prepare for the exciting event!

jodieb13 Thu 11-Jul-13 09:18:29

Hi Joobyloo!

When are you due? I too live in Stroud and seem to be having problems finding any other mums-to-be, or any possibility to meet anyone.

I am due early October with my first baby.

Would be lovely to hear from you!


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