Dean Close versus Cheltenham College

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katecs Sun 16-Sep-12 03:18:17

I was wondering if anyone could share some perspectives on these two schools. Do you attend either one and if so, what do you like about it. Obviously I'd like to know about any academic strengths, but also about the character and feel of the school. How happy and friendly are the students? What are the best aspects of the facilities and activities offered? Both are Christian schools- is one or the other better at welcoming and respecting students of other religions? Any and all advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

barefootcook Mon 17-Sep-12 02:21:46

A few of years ago I was lucky enough to work at Cheltenham College. I loved it- the students were well mannered and respectful and there was a real sense of purpose. There is a new HM there now and I believe he is very good and is really pushing the academic side which was reasonable anyway. Dean Close was seen as very results driven and probably less traditional. On the odd occasion that I met the pupils they didn't seem as friendly. Chapel plays a big part of College life at Cheltenham and it seemed to me that the majority of students liked going. This probably had something to do with the amazing architecture of the chapel. Chapel was optional for staff but most went each morning. I know my response isn't very balanced but I hope it helps you in some way.

wissymo Sun 29-Sep-13 14:38:50

Im also now looking at both these schools. Did you make a choice Katecs ? Any new opinions much appreciated!

higgit Tue 22-Oct-13 15:47:12

You should also look at Rendcomb College, close to Cheltenham in a stunning rural location. Wonderfully friendly and welcoming, and smaller than Cheltenham College and Dean Close....everyone knows everyone, and kids feel a great sense of belonging. Great all round education on offer,
as well as spectacular pastoral care. Would highly recommend as an alternative to large Cheltenham schools.

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