I know this is early but . . . Bonfire Night?

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ClaudiaSchiffer Fri 14-Sep-12 23:57:05

I live in Oz and am traveling back to 'Nam for Oct/Nov to spend time with family etc.

Anyway, my daughters are mad keen to see some proper fireworks and experience bonfire night UK style (not 'celebrated' here anymore). So does anyone know any public displays going on? We'll be staying in Montpellier but obv can drive anywhere.

I grew up in Cheltenham and seem to remember that the Racecourse used to do a big public display - does that still happen?


TsarinaDollytwat Sat 15-Sep-12 00:12:56

Yes the racecourse still do a great display with a fair as well.
It's usually on the nearest Saturday to nov 5th

ClaudiaSchiffer Sat 15-Sep-12 00:15:53

Thanks TsarinaDollytwat, do we have to get tix in advance? Shall I just google??? grin

Mikyahrose Sun 16-Sep-12 07:22:39

Think you can pay on the gate, might be worth a quick google though.

teacherwith2kids Fri 05-Oct-12 19:44:24

We paid on the gate last year with no problems.

It is a fabulous firework display BUT lacks a bonfire, which to me has always been a critical part of a 'proper' Bonfire Night event. There's usually a decent display (early for children, later for adults) at Burley Fields in Leckhampton, with a bonfire, pig roast and traditional mud underfoot....

ClaudiaSchiffer Fri 05-Oct-12 23:57:26

Oooh, teacherwith2kids that sounds perfect. Thank you so much. I love the idea of a pig roast. Will remember to pack wellies for the mud!

DontCallMeBaby Sat 06-Oct-12 10:38:43

The 'early' display is usually 8.15, which I've always thought a bit odd as its dark well before then. I think we might go this year - always gone to Leckhampton scout hut before but it's small and v crowded and the trees get in the way. Burley should be spectacularly muddy after the churning up it had at Hullabaloo in August though!

perfectstorm Wed 10-Oct-12 22:59:16

Oh, thanks for the tip! The Burleyfields one looks just the job. The Racecourse is fantastic, but doesn't feel like Bonfire Night, just a really good fireworks display.

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