Piano teacher?

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Candling Sun 22-Apr-12 19:43:19


Does anyone know of a good piano teacher for beginners please? It's for my DD (aged 7) and me (something I've always wanted to do!), so it would need to be someone who can teach children and adults.

Thanks. smile

QwertyGerty Mon 23-Apr-12 21:27:31

My two have lessons with a good piano teacher in Prestbury. She's very easy going and they're doing really well. They both look forward to their lessons and she gives them lots of praise and encouragement. I've heard her play and she's excellent to my untrained ears! She does adult lessons too. I think there might be a waiting list though. She's cheaper than the other piano teachers I called too. smile I'll PM you her details. Not sure if she'd be ok with me putting them on a thread.

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