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Pocket2bounce Wed 29-Feb-12 11:54:46

Hi! We r hoping to move to Prestbury (from Norfolk) to be near dh's new job in bath road. We have 9 month old twin girls. I've not really been able to get out much till now due to still Breastfeeding them & worried bout them catching bugs as they were v tiny & in NICU 2 months. Does any1 know if there is a Breastfeeding cafe or bf friendly groups in prestbury or Cheltenham? Will be keen to get out & meet new mums as won't know any1 at all & don't work. Also - worried bout the whole flooding issue in the area - does any1 know if any houses/streets/areas in Prestbury/cheltenhM not prone to flooding? Ideally we want to be no more than 3 miles to dh work in bath road & also near a good school so have been looking at bouncers lane near St Mary's school but see that some of these houses r prone to flooding. This is a big move for us as we have both lived in Norfolk over 20 years & we want to get it right if we can. We r gonna have to down size as here we have a large 4 bed detatched which is worth £220k but we'll prob only get a small 3 bed semi for that in Prestbury or similar area? any tips/advice really appreciated! Thanks xx

pastimperfect Sat 03-Mar-12 07:30:44

Prestbury has flooded many times in the past, but lots of work has been done in the area since 2007 to reduce the chances of it happening again.

Apologies to anyone living in the Bouncers Lane area... but it's not really the "top end" of Cheltenham. No offense intended to anyone!

Have you thought about looking in the Leckhampton area? Handy for Bath Road and good schools (Noverton, I think?).

EllenJaneisnotmyname Mon 12-Mar-12 22:06:02

Noverton estate in Prestbury is ok and close to Prestbury St Mary's school. Less prone to flooding than the main street. Depends on your budget. Lynworth, Prestbury Road, Whaddon are less well regarded. Hales Road, Hewlett Road area is good, Holy Trinity School or Holy Apostles are both fine. Leckhampton is more expensive but really nice, Naunton Park School or Leckhampton school both good. Charlton Kings is expensive due to Balcarras secondary school catchment. Adds a good £50K to 3 bed house prices. Good luck. Cheltenham is a lovely place to live, loads of amenities for it's size.

Tertiana Fri 01-Feb-13 16:13:20

I don't know whether you have arrived in Prestbury, but do drop in to Urchins baby & toddler at the URC on Deep Street on a Monday morning (10 - 11.30) .

We are breast-feeding friendly and definately twin-friendly as we have 3 sets associated with the group at the moment and I had a set too so know well what it's like!

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