Bishops cleeve primary schools

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salfringeman Mon 16-Jan-12 13:18:25

We are supposed to be moving to Bishops Cleeve in the next few months and I have been told that there are currently no places available in any of the primary schools for my DD.

Apparently, once we have moved they can tell us how far down the waiting list we are but I'm just wondering if anyone could tell us just how long the waiting list is likely to be and if we stand any chance of getting a place.....

Have heard all the schools are good which is brilliant, just dont want to move and end up driving miles every day to a distant school with a place.

Many thanks

tinmanisgod Fri 20-Jan-12 16:24:21


you are right they are all good - i reckon that a place will suddenly become available when you actually move there if you kick off enough.

good luck!

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