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homebod Tue 20-Dec-11 17:01:22

house hunting (again). After loosing the dream house in charlton kings because dp wont be rushed into making a decision (i will leave you all to work out how that conversation went down!), we have found a good lookingish one in warden hill.
Problem is I have no idea about it as an area. I like the idea of being able to walk to basic shops, park, library etc. I have two school age kids and a tiny baby, so would like stuff to do with him that is local during school hours.
Do you think warden hill fits any of that criteria; or am I holding out for a second charlton kings miracle??

Vickles Tue 03-Jan-12 17:50:59

Hi homebod...
Yes, Warden Hill does fit all your criteria. I've just moved from Up Hatherley, which is round the corner from Warden Hill.
You are surrounded by great schools, especially, being so near to Bournside Senior school. There's stuff to do locally... wednesday morning is little shepherds at the local church (st christophers)... they also have a fab preschool based there, where the kiddies feed into warden hill primary school across the road. you've got the co-op and a great cake/coffee shop/cafe on there now. you're near enough to stroll to morrisons, and the local library ... which has it's own children's centre for meet ups.... and, you're near to brizen young people's centre - which host some pre-school music classes...
you've got a great bus route aswell.... (D) outside morrisons - takes you to town... or even better for you, (10) on the shurdington road.. every 10 mins... and you're a good 15 mins walk from bath road shops!

the only but...... is, that warden hill is not as good an area as charlton kings... bournside is a good senior school, but balcarrus is even better! people are flocking to charlton kings because of it. warden hill - is still up and coming... and there is a real mixed bag of people who live there.. especially a huge elderly community.. but, it's ideally situated near bath road and town centre and great schools and the houses are great value for money... but, asthetically, (call me a snob, i know!) - it's not as good as charlton kings.

but, you need to be realistic about what you can afford...

i believe strongly that it's better to have the worse house in the best area!

we're in leckhampton now, and my little girl goes to naunton park primary school and so will be preschooler and baby one day... we waited for the right house and pounced on it! we weren't happy in up hatherley (but, that's another story!)

i hope this helps and i wish you well in your search....x

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