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chinateacup Sun 27-Nov-11 09:08:36

We have recently moved back to the area and I would really like to meet people. I have a 10 week old and an almost 3 year old ( who is in pre-school half days).
Can anyone recommend friendly baby/ toddler groups, or other good activities so I can get out and about a bit more, and with a purpose, and speak to some adults - even if it is about our kids - between the hours of 7-7?!
I live in central Cheltenham but can travel.

lalayates Sun 27-Nov-11 12:20:42

Check out 'About Baby Cotswolds' magazine you can pick up a copy in Cafw Boho - it's got loads of listing of baby groups in Cheltenham. The one i liked the best was nursery ryhmes class at Cheltenham libary on Tues and Thursday morning.

bellelulu Tue 06-Dec-11 15:42:11

Hope you are settling back in ok and have found some good groups to go to.
We're moving to Cheltenham in the New Year - in the process of buying a house in Leckhampton but it's taking forever. I have been googling baby/toddler groups in Leckhampton and there seem to be quite a few.

I'm really looking forward to getting there and making some new friends!

Vickles Tue 03-Jan-12 17:54:57

hi chinateacup and bellelulu . i'm in leckhampton - and have a 10month old boy, 3 year old girl who's starting school this sept (arrggh) and a 7 year old girl in yr 2 at naunton park primary school.

there's a fab baby/toddler group at emmanuel church in leckhampton (just infront of naunton crescent and off the bath road (behind the new market there) - we meet at 9.45 on mondays - during term time... it's run by mums and it's absolutely lovely! not at all cliquey! and i've been to a few!!!!

feel free to private message me on here for more

Chinateacup Wed 04-Jan-12 16:12:07

Ooh thankyou Vickles! Will PM you. Sounds good...

Chinateacup Thu 26-Jan-12 16:15:06

(Trying to PM but display is all a bit of a mess)

homebod Fri 03-Feb-12 10:55:10

I have been in cheltenham for about 6 months. We are currently buying in warden hill.
I have been gently reminded that a diet of day time tv, and internet shopping isnt so healthy!
I am also looking for decent friendly groups to take my 4 month old to.
Failing that, DOES ANYONE LOCAL DRINK COFFEE?? Maybe we could all do a cafe meet up, then tackle groups together? They are always so much nicer to go to if you already know at least one person!

Chinateacup Thu 09-Feb-12 21:41:48

I just PMd you too. Gardener's Lane Baby Drop-In on a Weds morning seems friendly.

Chinateacup Thu 09-Feb-12 21:43:14

As Vickles said, Emmanuel is lovely. I am a newbie but find it relaxed and the kids LOVE it toosmile

belle2011 Tue 24-Jul-12 11:33:35


i have just moved to warden hill myself in cheltenham,i havent been to any baby groups yet either-does anyone go to that one at st Christophers community hall? whats it like?
or anyone else live in warden hill,or near,who fancies a coffee sometime?

i have a 16 month old myself


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