RELIABLE builders and plumbers???

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teacherwith2kids Sun 27-Nov-11 19:34:59

Can recommend Cotswold Plumbers (not the cheapest but very good quality - I believe that they have taken on new people recently but I cannot recommend the original pair of Matthew and Guy highly enough. They might now specialise in heating systems rather than smaller jobs, though) and Orange House Co as builders.

Both reliable, turn up when they say they will, no hidden costs, personable, clean, tidy. PM me if you would prefer.

homebod Wed 16-Nov-11 13:34:39

does anyone have a reliable builder and or a plumber they can recommend?
we have been let down twice on a downstairs loo build and roof repairs. i now also need a space and plumbing done for a dishwasher (that arrives next week).
am having nightmares about DP trying to do some of the stuff by himself over the weekend. it wont go well!!
thanks all!

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