Cheltenham Primary Schools - AAAGHH!

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andrachka Wed 16-Nov-11 19:00:41

What about benhall

tudorrose Fri 11-Nov-11 16:41:35

Ha ha, it's true about the floods! Oh it was grim. I had terrible morning sickness, was very newly pregnant already, and it was horrible not being able to flush the toilet. Pouring bottled water down to "flush it". Yuk.

tudorrose Fri 11-Nov-11 16:37:00

It's a worry this year if you don't have a sibling already at the school you would like. I am across town from where you are, and at my daughters playgroup this week there have been several parents in tears as they are so worried they will not get a place at one of the local schools. And unfortunately they have reason to be worried.

I have DD3 due to start school Sept, luckily I already have DD2 at the school but I know of 17 other siblings for this year group and the school only has one class in each year group. My neighbour has just visited the school for an open day, we are five minutes walk away from it, and the headteacher warned her that she may be unlucky. And each head round here has told her the same. We are close to three lovely schools, all walking distance and she is terrified she will not get a place anywhere.

cricketcraz Fri 11-Nov-11 16:17:22

all the cheltenham primaries will be oversubscribed in Sept 2012 due to the extra pregnancies caused by us all being housebound during the floods! If you are not in catchment, do not have a sibling etc. then you will be very lucky to get the one you want.

gogobananacustard Sun 30-Oct-11 12:45:12

lurker Oakwood has great facilities but serves a catchment with lots of social problems. Many parents in the area found God in the years before school admissions, in order to avoid the predecessor school.

gogobananacustard Sun 30-Oct-11 12:42:35

if you're prepared to drive a couple of miles out of the Charlton Kings area of town, Coberley is Ofsted outstanding and has tiny classes. Although the PAN is only 8, often ten are admitted at reception age and the catchment area is large as it covers the villages.

LurkerNoMore Fri 28-Oct-11 12:39:23

I'm having similar problems! My youngest DS is due to start school in September 2012 and St Mary's is our closest school 'as the crow flies' but as we don't belong to a church we have almost no chance of getting in. I've done the tours of all the local schools which to be honest hasn't really helped with the decision making! It's impossible to get into Holy Apostles unless you live on the doorstep or are a member of Holy Apostles church. I asked the headteacher whether this system is abused with people joining the church just to get into the school and he acknowledged that it happens but there's nothing he can do about it. Oakwood is a brand new school with excellent teachers and facilities etc but has it's social problems. My eldest is currently attending there and he complains frequently about the 'angry' children. St John's and Holy Trinity are both lovely small schools but again as they are small it's difficult to get a place in either. The 2012 intake for both have at least 15 siblings which is half of the total intake! I'm going to look slightly further afield to Dunalley soon and I've known of people looking even further away at Glenfall. The upside is there is no wholly 'bad' schools in the area but also no 'perfect' school!
This is probably the situation everywhere but personally I'm finding the situation very stressful. Do I leave both my children with the 'angry' children or try and get them in somewhere else which could also have it's problems that you don't find out from a quick tour!

Greenshadow Fri 21-Oct-11 22:46:10

If you are thinking of private, then Berkhampstead is also good - not as pricey as Dean Close (or didn't use to be) and is well located for Prestbury.

2littlecherubs Wed 12-Oct-11 13:27:24

My two are at Dean close and absolutely love it there. You need to go for a visit and mine had taster days before they started.
You will get the early years foundation grant to help towards fees until the term of your little ones 5th birthday

Furball Thu 06-Oct-11 08:07:10

also holy trinity in town

Furball Thu 06-Oct-11 08:03:47

holy apostles at battledown

or if you are thinking private - what about St Edwards?

ShipMate Wed 05-Oct-11 20:14:02

Is anyone else finding the primary school situation to be a problem? We're in Prestbury would have little chance of getting into St. Marys (starting Reception, Sep 2012) as there are so few places for so many applicants. Very churchy too.

We've been told we'll most likely be allocated a place in Oakley or Gardners Lane. I don't know a lot about those schools, but I do know that they're not rated particularly highly.

Which are the good state primaries in Cheltenham (not that we'll be in catchment for them)?

We're thinking of looking at private. Possibly Dean Close. With no idea how we can afford it! Unfortunately we can't move as DH's job is tied to the area and it'd be difficult to find anything in the same line of work elsewhere.

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