Chelt Meet Up 13th Nov Montpellier Wine Bar

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DollyTwat Thu 30-Sep-10 16:48:44

So now I've done it you've all got to promise to come!

7.30pm 6th November
Montpellier Wine Bar

ApuskiDusky Thu 30-Sep-10 23:20:46

Thanks Dolly, glad you took decisive action! That should be fine with me, I've put it in my diary.

DollyTwat Fri 01-Oct-10 00:01:33

I'm going to email, slowly, all the people on that show up on the list of people who wnat to meet up. WISH Mumsnet had facility to email them all (sigh)

I will send you an inbox email, but wont' be till tomorrow (if you haven't had one yet).

Do I need to do more?

If you know people then let them know please!

TheRedSalamander Fri 01-Oct-10 08:19:36

Thank you for the invite dolly- I've not had a personal message from any mners before so I was rather chuffed! Sad ol' me ;)

I can't make it sadly, hope you all have fun. I shall ask my friends if they're out to look out for a little group who look like they are chatting nineteen to the dozen as they have found new friends with lots in common and are having a brilliant time .

Bumperlicious Fri 01-Oct-10 14:14:49

I will put it in my calendar and hope I can make it (not any prior engagement but just how well I am coping with DD2 by then!).

Anyone object to me bringing a lovely cuddly newborn (well 6 week old by then)? I'm breastfeeding and can't yet imagine a stage when she goes for longer than 3 hours!

DollyTwat Fri 01-Oct-10 17:33:25

oh shame you can't make it TRS, it was a date picked out of nowhere

Bumperlicious it will be lovely to meet your newborn DD

swissmiss Fri 01-Oct-10 23:32:14

Dolly, will put in on the calendar but no idea as yet if I'll be able to make it. Will let you know nearer the time, knowing my DH that'll be the day before!

PatTheHammer Sun 03-Oct-10 09:10:35

Hi Dolly,

Thanks for message, I am definitely up for this. Anyone fancy a car-share from Stroud/Gloucester way? I will drivesmile

DollyTwat Sun 03-Oct-10 13:06:54

Fab great you can both make it. If you know other mn'ers let them know as I spent 2 hours going through threads for local names and fear I may lose the will to live!

Littlefish Sun 03-Oct-10 16:31:14

Hi Dolly- thanks for the message.

I live about 45 miles from Cheltenham, and won't be able to make it this time unfortunately.

Have a fantastic time. I met my dh in Montpellier Wine Bar, 14 years ago!

cherrymonster Sun 03-Oct-10 21:18:45

hi dolly, will be there.

Furball Sun 03-Oct-10 21:21:19

thanks for invite - but going to a firework party that night.

Have fun though

DollyTwat Sun 03-Oct-10 21:24:42

oh I didn't spot it would be fireworks that night, should we move it to the week after?

CrispyTheCrisp Sun 03-Oct-10 21:27:15

Oh no, i can't come that night as we have friends to stay sad. Would definitely be up for another one though.

CrispyTheCrisp Sun 03-Oct-10 21:28:17

Those who know me from previous meets, tis Sazzles here BTW

DontCallMeBaby Sun 03-Oct-10 22:20:50

I will come if Bumper does ... erm, only because I really want to meet her DD2, honest, not because I am a big wet wimp who will hyperventilate and keel over if I don't know anyone at first (although I would be the least bit surprised if it turned out I DID know someone).

DollyTwat Mon 04-Oct-10 09:50:47

OK nearer the time I'll put up a list of who I think is coming, then hopefully we'll all feel better about being on our own

moomoo1967 Mon 04-Oct-10 12:47:16

hi sorry I can't make it due to a prior engagement, hope you all have a fab night smile

swissmiss Wed 06-Oct-10 17:30:10

Dolly just realised not going to be able to make it. We always get together with my DB & SIL and their 3 DCs for Bonfire's weekend. It's become a bit of a family tradition, started before any of us were married or even thinking about kids so I don't think my bailing on them for MN meet up would go down well! Should probably write that one in on the calendar rather than rely on my apparently ropey memory

Following weekend would be ok though?!?

Bumperlicious Wed 06-Oct-10 17:51:35

I'm coming but i can do another night if necessary <holds DCMB's hand>

Restrainedrabbit Wed 06-Oct-10 18:47:59

Got your message Dolly but I am due to give birth any day so will have to give it a miss

dollytwat Wed 06-Oct-10 18:51:38

Oh good luck restrainedrabbit let us know how it all goes. Very exciting!

Ok shall I re arrange this for the week after?

I'll message everyone who's said they can come then change the date.

Is this going to be confusing?

PatTheHammer Wed 06-Oct-10 20:41:20

Wow! good luck rabbit, I was only thinking about you the other day when dolly had said to message others in the area and I wondered if you had had your baby yet. Hope it goes well smile

I can't do the following weekend because we are at a family wedding but don't cancel on my account! I'll come to the next onegrin

DollyTwat Wed 06-Oct-10 21:08:36

oh Pat, I don't know what else to do as I think most people can't do the 6th as it's Bonfire Night, so I'll change this one, then we can arrrange another one perhaps for Christmas?



Hopefully this isn't going to confuse too many people!

Looking forward to seeing you

Please can you email me to let me know if you're coming, then I'll put up a list of everyone just before.

Dolly xx

Littlefish Thu 07-Oct-10 06:46:21

Hi Dolly

Really sorry - can't make that date either. Hope you have a fantastic time.

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