Anybody from Stroud?

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emwhight Wed 21-Apr-10 13:58:20

We moved to Stroud (Chalford) early December and still not managed to form a social network around the area. I have a 2 year old daughter who loves the company of other children, and now the summer has come we'd love to get out and about. Meet-ups in parks? Play areas? We're not fussy and happy to try anything new.
Please get in touch if you're in a similar situation, or fancy taking us on as a charity case!

Lowrilou Thu 22-Jul-10 21:25:42

Hi Emma - I've sent you a message - would be good to meet.

Pat/Ella - 28th still good for me if you are still planning on that date - most other dates fine for me too as we are not going away at all.

pop1973 Thu 22-Jul-10 21:36:16

Hi Lowrilou,

I am about 10 mins away from Glos city centre.

We rented in Stroud originally when we moved to the area, wanted to buy but couldn't afford prices - so ended up buying on the Forest/Gloucester side ?

Are you only thinking of meeting up in the Stroud area, or is it possible for me to tag along to meet up if not ?

Lowrilou Fri 23-Jul-10 20:09:00

Hi pop1973 - I haven't yet been to any meet ups, so not sure what would suit everyone. I think we are meeting around the Stroud area initially. Do you drive? Of course you are welcome to come to any meet ups you can get to. Watch this space...

PatTheHammer Sun 25-Jul-10 20:57:29

Hi sorry, yes I can still do the 28th as I need to visit a friend who lives up in Bussage so I could combine with a meet in the park first.

So anyone else in, did you say 11am Lowri?

Em, We are also around on the 9th-12th so would be really nice to meet up with you guys at some point then, enjoy the hols and having DH aroundgrin

Lowrilou Sun 25-Jul-10 21:11:20

Hi - toddlers group finishes at 11.30 - so that would be good if it suits you.

PatTheHammer Sun 25-Jul-10 21:13:51

11.30 is cool with me, now I do not know the park at all, I roughly know where it is but is there anywhere in particular to meet?

I have a 4yo DD and and 18mo DS btwsmile

Lowrilou Mon 26-Jul-10 17:19:45

Hi - just in the play area really. I will have a red double buggy with me and I have a 3 (almost 4) yr old boy and 2 yr old girl.

PatTheHammer Tue 27-Jul-10 18:00:23

Hi Louise, Just wandering if you can still do tomorrow?

I have CAT if you want to swap numbers?

Lowrilou Tue 27-Jul-10 21:24:21

yes still up for tomorrow. I will send you my number.

momof2boyz Mon 13-Sep-10 22:54:16

Hello, new to Mumsnet and to Stroud(Ebley) and was excited to find this thread. Anyone still following it?

We moved from London end of July, have 2 DS's, 3 1/2 and 2yo. Eldest just started at playgroup At Foxmoor Primary and I'm starting to feel desperate to meet up with other mums!
Biggest limitation is not being able to drive so reliant on buses and walking. Any meetups in my area or Stonehouse/Stroud centre that I could tag along to?
Any advice/comments very welcome. Thanks

MyCatIsABiggerBastardThanYours Mon 13-Sep-10 22:59:48

Hello there, I'm in Gloucester but haven't been to any meetups for a while (just started working full time again so no time unfortunately).

If you click on the link further up the thread it should take you to the Gloucester meetups thread, which I think is still pretty active. They are lovely ladies and very welcoming.

Hope you like MN and welcome.

Greenshadow Tue 14-Sep-10 16:54:48

Hi Mom and welcome to Stroud.

I live up on the Common to the south having moved here about 5 years ago.

Unfortunately my children are a fair bit older than yours and all at school, so not really in to the local meet ups or aware of what is going on locally for pre-schoolers, but hopefully this will help keep the topic active.

Good luck and enjoy this lovely town.

WhatsWrongWithYou Wed 15-Sep-10 23:23:13

Hi mom and others.

I live fairly local to you, but again my DCs are much older. If you can get there, I'm pretty sure there's a toddlers' group at Whiteshill village hall on Thursday mornings.

It's not far to drive, but I don't know the bus route you're on, so it might mean trekking into town first.

Presumably you've discovered the hell that is wonderful GoBananas?!

Anyway, welcome, and hopefully someone closer to your stage of parenting will pop up soon.

momof2boyz Thu 16-Sep-10 07:39:05

Thanks for your messages everyone. Think I've found a couple of local-ish groups at some children centres so will give those a go. Went to 1 on Parliament Hill this summer, but found the hill itself a bit steep for a knackered buggy with a wonky wheel and 2 toddlers! Was an adventure. Think I've been reluctant to explore too far since then, but ready to try again now Especially as I've sorted the wonky wheel. Now for the Drivers license.....

PatTheHammer Sat 18-Sep-10 22:23:54

Hi all, sorry been away a while!

Mom- there are 3 of us meeting up fairly regularly (well, in the holidays but now term-time I am a little busy but lowri and emwhight still meeting). We are looking to organise one soon, when are you free??? We could make it somewhere you could walk to if that would help?

Hi to everyone else, esp Mycat.....nice to see you, hope you are wellsmile

emmah2010 Mon 20-Sep-10 13:52:11

Hi everyone,
I live in Bussage and have a 2 month old. I would love to meet up with other mums in the area. I'm going to try and go to the Bussage group this week or next. I'm so happy I found this thread, I was beginning to feel quite isolated! Look forward to meeting some of you.

Lowrilou Tue 21-Sep-10 21:41:16

Hi everyone. Emma2010 - hope to see you at Bussage toddlers. If not - email me or the other Emma to arrange to meet when you can.

Momof2boyz - I go into Stroud quite often if you want to meet up. CAT me if you can, or leave a message here. I haven't been checking this thread for a while, but will do. I have a boy of 4 (just) and a girl of 2.

momof2boyz Sun 26-Sep-10 22:39:07

Wow, didn't check this for a while then came back to great messages -thanks!! Yes would love chance to meet up.

PatTheHAmmer I can get anywhere within the town fairly easily, and Stratford Park and Victory Park easy to get to. Now the eldest started playgrp schedule very restricted, but also DH around more now to help with pickups so I can be more flexible. Have you organised another meetup yet?

Lowrilou, not sure how to CAT yet need to look it up, but would love to arrange time to meet up in Stroud. I can't do this week as have visitors, but after that? Will try and do the CAT thing....

Emmah, hope you made it to the group and met some nice people
Thanks everyone

Maki79 Fri 01-Oct-10 23:23:41

Hello Everyone,

I'm surprised I haven't come accross this thread earlier. I have also recently moved from London to the Stroud area (Woodchester) but have just put in an offer on a house in Dursley. Am really keen to meet some people locally, as I'm finding it much harder than in London strangely!

I have a 20 month old daughter and I work 4 days a week in Swindon. We are free on Fridays and have been going to Sticky fingers playgroup in Randwick on Friday mornings which I would recommend.

I'm interested in lots of things, very laid back and hoping to meet other mums to talk about baby and non baby related things!!


Greenshadow Sun 03-Oct-10 12:38:08

Hi Becky and welcome to Stroud.

We also rented in Woodchester when we moved here 5 years ago before buying up near Amberley and DS went to Woodchester school.

Lowrilou Tue 05-Oct-10 08:50:29

Becky, Momof2 and all - we need to arrange to meet up one day - maybe in Stroud. If you can email me through CAT then that will make things easier. There are quite a few of us on here now and group emails/texts would be better. I can't do next Friday but could do the following Friday - 22nd. I usually take the kids swimming in Stroud (Stratford Park) 2-3pm on a Friday, so could meet up before that. Let me know if that's any good. I can do other days too.

mummymilky Wed 20-Oct-10 14:05:15

I've only just discovered this local part of mumsnet! How exciting! We live in Chalford.

Sarah159 Fri 05-Nov-10 16:01:35

Hello Stroud mummies, we moved from Worcester to Stonehouse in late August, had a baby 4 days after moving and then OH started a new job so I'd love to meet up with other mums locally and get the goss on what's hot & not as I'm not really in the loop at all yet. I haven't a clue whats available locally as have been so busy with new house etc and am feeling quite lonely as we don't know anyone in this area and there are only so many conversations I can have with our 2 year old about Zingzillas or the Gruffalo before I need adult company!

Are any meets happening soon? Or is anyone around over the coming weeks? I can do Tuesdays Thursdays & Friday and happy to travel.


PatTheHammerHouseofHorror Fri 05-Nov-10 19:43:10

Hi new people!

Sarah, I am in Stonehouse too, message me where you are if you like, you may be right around the corner!....
My DS is almost 2 and loves the Zingzillas also!

I will suggest to Lowri and Emwhight maybe a thursday meet-up soon, we popped to Blooms the other week and the kids enjoyed the soft-play there for free whilst you can have coffee and cakes.

Anyone else up for it?

shakingleaf Thu 11-Nov-10 20:36:24

Pat, with bit of notice I can probably do Blooms on a Thursday. DD2 has just turned 2 so is similar age to your DS and Sarah's older DC. Let me know. It's been a v. v. long time since I met up with you and several others at the Dick Whittington.

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