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voulezvou Wed 04-Nov-09 11:11:46


We may be moving to Gloucester in March and may need to rent for up to two years. We'll need a three bed but want it to be as cheap as possible as we need to save a big deposit to buy a house. Is there anywhere we should avoid? I've seen such a difference in rental prices and noticed that Abbeydale and Barnwood seem cheap.

Helium Wed 11-Nov-09 16:55:04

Abbeydale and Barnwood are fine areas to live in (IMO). I would simply avoid the city centre and look around you when you visit to see where you like the look of...

tvaerialmagpiebin Wed 11-Nov-09 16:59:39

There are lots of new houses being built at Kingsway and Coopers Edge. I know that they are not selling very fast and lots are available to rent. This agent®ion=66&areas=5377,10550,105 51,10552,29906,6532,10553,10554,10555,10556,10557,32446,10558,5378,10560,10561,10562,10563,5379,1056 4,10567,36306,10559,10565,10566, is the one I used to rent out my house in Abbeymead.

tvaerialmagpiebin Wed 11-Nov-09 17:00:25

ooh sorry about that big white space, don't know what that is all about.

pop1973 Thu 22-Jul-10 21:37:52

Out of the choice, I would purchase in Barnwood out of all the areas that were previously mentioned.

Schools aren't too bad over that way either.

SarahRJ Sat 07-Aug-10 21:28:05

Hi. I found this post. I wondered how you got on? We are also looking to move - probably to around the Forest of Dean area. Again looking for any advice on where to go...
Many thanks

LesleyPumpshaft Sun 05-Aug-12 10:36:34

People will tell you to avoid Cinderford in the Forest. Tbh, having moved to the Forest from a city I think they're talking out of their arses and being snobs. It's not the prettiest of places, but rents are cheap. There are nice streets and not so nice streets, same as anywhere else. It's actually in the forest too. I don't live there, but I have friends there and I quite like the place as it's very down to earth.

Coleford and Lydney, Newent and Mitcheldean are options.

There are smaller villages too, but places to rent might be limited. Dene Magna, Newent and Monmouth are good secondary schools.

LesleyPumpshaft Sun 05-Aug-12 10:38:47

Sorry, assumed you're looking to rent! It depends on what you're looking for.

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