11 month old desperate for some play mates !!

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sneekpeeks Wed 07-May-08 14:13:34

Joined mumsnet last year but have only just discovered mumsnet local!

Don't have many friends with children same age as my 11 month old little boy. Anyone know of any good groups/activities to go to in the stroud and surrounding area ??

sneekpeeks Wed 07-May-08 14:31:25

Or anybody fancy meeting up ???!!!

SunnyCarrie Sat 08-Sep-12 21:29:27

Ahhh welcome to Gloucestershire, the county of anti socialising hahaha. Sorry about the lack of response, I just wanted to reply to say I hear you.

I live in Gloucester, my son is 19months old. How old is your little one now? Do you go to any parent and child groups? I live in the Denmark Road area of Gloucester and considering going to the Saint Catherine's church parent and baby,toddler group which is nothing to do with church just held there. Bounce and Rhyme in Hucclecote library is quite good, will be going there again soon, just had ankle replaced and in plaster for three months which is nearly up so I really hope I can get my young man out soon. I have lots of single male and female friends all career hunting etc not interested in children or have them so it can be lonely. I want my son to meet others his age more than anything.

I am on here, just inbox me, let me know where abouts you are as there are others like us in this area feeling a bit guilty for our children being lonely and feeling we need company and other parents to moan to too.

SunnyCarrie x

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