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TwinkleTeepeesAndPlayTents Fri 20-Sep-13 20:43:17

Hi Mumsnet Mums

I am wondering if you could help with with some research. I am going to be launching a new business on the 1st of October 'Twinkle Teepees And Play Tents', initially I will be selling handmade interactive teepees followed by play tents in the New Year.

I would love some feedback about my products, I have set up a facebook page and wonder if you would be able to take the time to have a quick browse and let me know what you think?

My teepees are all handmade from scratch by myself, this includes creating the sturdy frame (not just 4 poles tied together), cutting the fabric panels and creating the designs.

I have created a den that can fit into small spaces, for example the corner of a lounge or bedroom and can be packed away easily into the supplied storage bag.

Each teepee has an interactive theme for fun and role play.

The teepees conform with EN71 safety standards (CE marking).

Thanks so much in advance!

Clare (twinkle teepees and play tents)

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