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scragmat Tue 04-Jun-13 16:23:16

Hello, just wondered if anyone could give me a heads up on what Benhall is like? We are having to move quite quickly to Cheltenham and don't know anyone there so don't have insider knowledge on areas!
We are looking at properties in Benhall and Hatherley as more affordable than some but would really welcome opinions on these areas, especially Benhall if anyone has 5 minutes!
Many thanks!!

Caketester Sat 08-Jun-13 23:41:37

Hi! Benhall is ok, it has local shops and a school and its close to gchq.
I don't know it too well but seems like quite a large area. Quite close to hesters way which I'd personally avoid!
Hatherley is really nice. It's growing and growing.. It used to be a small area when I was growing up. It's affordable and there's a supermarket and few other shops in Caernavon road. Theres still countryside near by with a farm shop yet its close to town and the lovely bath road. I would prefer hatherley myself. smile

Caketester Sat 08-Jun-13 23:43:17

Also try bishops cleeve - nice village feel, very good schools, friendly and just 3 miles from the centre!

scragmat Tue 11-Jun-13 14:59:43

Thanks very much, much appreciated!

StMarksMostly Wed 12-Jun-13 22:26:25

I live near Benhall. Feel free to PM me.

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