Looking for a driving instructor in Cheltenham or Gloucester please

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southdevondelight Fri 01-Mar-13 23:56:35

In Cheltenham or Gloucester. That's it really. Person about to learn is 24 year old male who, although he's driven old bangers off-road a bit and some farm machinery, has never had proper lessons and after years of using public transport/taxis will soon have a job where a car will be needed. New to the area so not many friends yet to ask this question.

There are just so many driving schools/instructors listed, it would be great to have personal experience recommendations!

Cheltnanny Sun 03-Mar-13 16:08:29

Slightly off topic but I'm also new to the area and in my mid twenties... If he is still looking for friends please pass on my email British nanny 2012 @gmail.com

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southdevondelight Sun 03-Mar-13 18:42:25

Hi Cheltnanny - guess you are new to area connected to your job (MN name?)

Anyway I'm sure you'll soon get to know a crowd of people smile But this particular young man is actually "spoken for" on a serious basis and not sure his partner would appreciate him making contact, sorry !!!

There's a lot for early-mid 20's to do in Cheltenham (DD was student there) so you'll fit in well and have a good time.

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