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blueangelcathy12 Tue 21-Aug-12 03:17:24

Hi everyone, my name is Cathy. I have never done anything like this before so fingers crossed I am doing it right!. I am 32 and I have a lovely little boy Thomas, who is 5. I feel very lonely as a mother, and have no friends with children of a similar age, and also feel Thomas is lonely because of this. Thomas started school last year and is dreading going back. Would so love other friends of a similar age to spend time with and share problems with. We live in Glloucester. Life is OK, usual stresses. Money is tight, but we manage. I drive and sometimes I feel very trapped and very alone, then feel guilty for feeling like this. I work part time. Anyone in a similar situation?

blueangelcathy12 Tue 21-Aug-12 03:23:48

Also I must add, as I guess I am pouring my heart out here at 3.20am when I can't sleep. We want another baby, but 3 yrs ago I had an ectopic and have nothing but problems since. Nothing has happened, and I feel very depressed about it all. They are finally slowly investigating things now. But it all feels a bit too late now. And I get so upset with everyone keep asking when we are having another....it's not that easy!! If my body wasnt so buggered up maybe it would be. So that is a complete other issue but just to give you the background, or the sob story it sounds like!

AmberFlloyd Sun 02-Sep-12 20:43:58

OMG!! You've just posted pretty much what I feel. I'm worried my shyness is holding my boy back (3.5) although I don't think it's affecting my daughter yet (2)
Wherabouts do you live? (I'm Emily btw!) where do you work? I feel alot of guilt too. I know I'm very lucky to have 2 healthy children and and lucky to be able to stay at home with them, but they're all I ever see! Hubby is at work all the time. We could pass the time together!

SunnyCarrie Sat 08-Sep-12 21:20:00

Feel exactly the same! Have a 19month old little boy, I constantly feel I am letting my son down by the total lack of children around him, all my friends are career head or bachelor boys or free single and happy girls. I am aged 35. Live bang in the middle of Gloucester where it appears to be the twilight zone, no one seems to have anything on except for Children's centres which am not allowed to go to as my mum is a child social worker and she swears these places are there to watch children?!? I guess she probably has more knowledge of that than I would, I have gone to Bounce and Rhyme at Hucclecote and it seems mums go there with their child, talk to someone they already know, sing a bit then dash off making little attempt to talk to new people etc. Anyway both of you,you are not alone, I bet there are loads of us like this in Gloucester and just nice to hear from two other mums who feel the same as me, bit lonely but mostly sad for my little boy. I think we should set up a lonely parents and kids club, probably would be over subscribed in this city. Oh I have had juvenile arthritis since I was a baby so you can imagine how tricky it is getting my son out with most of my joints replaced or on a to do list so I kind of want to go somewhere were there are nice mums to chat to and nice children for son to be with.

Am on here so just inbox me.

SunnyCarrie x

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