I lost my camera in Longlevens - has anyone found it?

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redexpat Fri 06-Jul-12 16:07:51

Hello everyone
I visited my parents in June and now cannot find my camera. I last had it at the playground by the Longlevens AFC/RFC. I was there Tuesday 19th June. The camera is bright blue and has lots of baby photos on it. sad Have reported it to the local police, and the nursery on the corner of Church Road and Innsworth Lane, and to the Premier shop.

There was a childminder there who I chatted to. She had a red buggy, 3 mindees, one of the girls had BEAUTIFUL red hair. Do any of you know who this may be? She was quite proud of the fact that she only had 3 so she could do more with them. I wonder if she picked it up.

There were also a couple of mums with their own children and it looked like they came from either the Montford Rd entrance or Whitebeam&Hazel Close.

Can anyone help?

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