Physically disabled parents in Gloucestershire

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SunnyCarrie Tue 03-Jul-12 18:29:56

Hi guys.

Right first up I am a positive, happy lady with a plan. I have a very healthy 17 month old son. I also have Juvenile arthritis in every joint as does my husband.

I know there are lovely mummies and daddies out there with no illness or falling apart bodies and I love your company too but there is no where for parents who have physical difficulties to go when A) Pregnant, has anyone else noticed all baby classes on floor, stupid for arthritic parents! B) No where for other disabled parents to go with their children for them to talk through issues affecting them because of disability, share experiences along with a wealth of other info we can all share with one another but at same time ensure our children are being occupied doing activities that as disabled parents we can organise and join in with them such as finger painting, all sitting on chairs not one or two creaky people on chairs whilst everyone else sits on the floor leaving the people on the chairs feeling left out.

I am a Psychology graduate and am keep to set up such a parent a baby group, equally for disabled children and able bodied children but the premis really being a place for disabled parents to come that they know will be accessible and will be met with warmth and consideration and their children will be treated as any other child with lots of fun and games to be had.

So if there are any other disabled parents out there in Gloucestershire keen to belong to something like this let me know, I can get it off the ground but there may be one or two parents interested that feel they can help set it up with me.

Let me know on here or PM me on here or via my blog.

Thanks guys.

Carrie x

My blog

birthskills Tue 02-Jul-13 22:04:53

Hi Carrie,
You mind find something useful here: what's more it might be good to feed your thoughts and observations to HealthWatch who should respond to the issues you describe.

Best of luck with your plans.

Hope this helps

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