Looking at moving to Stroud some advice please!

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poppyandsneeze Thu 06-Oct-11 16:01:17

Stroud is a really nice area, we rented there and looked around but couldn't afford to buy in the really good areas (they were too expensive at the time).
However, there are some really nice areas and good primary schools. Stroud is a lovely town and has a really good feel about it. Nice and pleasant and good for children.

Chalford really good but school can be hard to get into. Eastington good and very good primary school - very close to Stonehouse (but you want to think which end you live on as the Motorway pretty close). Frocester lovely area.

Nailsworth is slightly cheaper. You might want to think about how you would get around some of these areas in the Winter - as they do have it pretty hard and therefore getting out of these areas can be tricky - especially Chalford unless you have a 4x4.

What kind of budget range are you looking for ? Not trying to be nosey but can give you some tips of what you might get for your money, if you let me know.

Hope this gives you some help. Some of the areas and schools that come up high are really expensive.

Stuffedcat Tue 04-Oct-11 11:54:42

DH and I are thinking of relocating near Stroud, we currently live in Worcester and he works in Stonehouse.
I have looked on some previous threads and found some interesting info to start us off, ie nice areas Stroud, Nailsworth, Chalford,- we plan to go and have a good explore of the area over the next couple of weekends.
We have 2 children both primary school aged so would be interested to hear of any areas to avoid! (regarding the Schools in particular). Also - what's Dursley like?
I would be really interested to hear in particular if anyone else is new to this area and how they are finding it.

We are looking forward to our trek round so any handy tips would be really appreciated.

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