Fun things for a one year old in and around Hucclecote!

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Jen1982 Thu 28-Jul-11 21:40:28

My little one is 16 months old and I'm wondering if anyone can recommend any good groups or things for her to do around this part of Gloucester? We are new to the area and she needs to meet lots of other littles ones x

chickenjewell Mon 08-Aug-11 19:50:13

Hi Jen, there is a toddler group run by Louise major at the ramblers at Podsmead on Monday mornings . think you may find more info on netmums as she was part of them! I also run a group at St Barnabas Church Hall 9.30 until 11.30 every Wednesday during term time. although we do a different meet up every Wednesday morning. this Wednesday we are meeting 10am at Gloucester park providing it is dry weather. you are welcome to join us. I have 17 month old and 31/2 year old.

Message me if you want more info on future meet ups!

Kind regards


sarahyoung38 Fri 03-Feb-12 14:50:04

I always have a great time with my little one at LaLa Lounge at Gloucester Guildhall, the staff are lovely and they have great facilities, nice big changing rooms. The kids all have a great time, CBeebies is on the big screen but there's also loads of toys and colouring books out for them all to play with. The mum's and parents can sit at the back with magazines and have a cup of tea and even a slice of cake if i'm feeling adventurous!

Sarah x

Kizzasmummy Mon 19-Mar-12 14:36:42

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

MadKatz Mon 02-Apr-12 22:15:41

Hi Jen,

I'm in Hucclecote too. My 6 month old and I enjoy going to Mouselings at Upton St Leonards Village Hall on a Wednesday morning. 9.45 - 11.45, £2 tea or coffe for the parents; snacks, crafts to make, lots of toys, songs and stories for the little ones.

We also go to Hucclecote library on a tuesday morning. Its only half an hour - 10.15 to 10.45 but its free non stop nursery rhymes. Its called baby bounce and rhyme but I would say the age group is completely open, they don't turn anyone away. There are rattles and other noise making instruments for some of the rhymes too.

Hope this helps. If you want to meet up at all - I don't know many Mums round here either, send me a message


SunnyCarrie Tue 03-Jul-12 18:44:31

Hi Jen.

My little chap is 17 months old and I am glad you started this thread because I would have otherwise! I live near Denmark Rd but I like Hucclecote and I only have friends who are single or no baby plans now or ever so really could use getting to know some parents!!

I will probably go to Bounce and Rhyme at Hucclecote library once my leg out of plaster, bit of an issue with a toddler!

Might try Upton St Leonard's suggestion too actually. I have arthritis so hope there will be seats to sit on at these places as floor and me has not been an experience I have had since, well since I was 2 years old, we don't get on, the floor won't let me get back up again pesky floor.

It's all fun and games when the little ones are this age!?!

Hope to see you soon smile

Carrie x

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