Anybody in the Gloucester/Forest area ?

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pop1973 Thu 22-Jul-10 21:28:18

I see that there are a few in the Stroud area, just wondering if any mums are in the Gloucester-Forest area ? as there doesn't seem to be any mention of mums in this area.

Am I the only one ??

Mum of 2 - 1 school age child and 1 12month old. New to the area and needing some adult conversation and play friends for my little one in particular.

ILiveInTheForestArea Thu 22-Jul-10 21:38:46

I live in the Forest Area

I have NameChanged because I have a need to remain as anonymous as possible

I can recommend a toddler group at the Baptist Church, Newland Street, Coleford (Friday mornings from 10-ish, I used to go when my children were small)

For lovely soft play go to whirlikidz v v clean and lovely coffee

Tell me where you are vaguely - ie North Forest (newent) for eg and I can tell you a bit more possibly

pop1973 Thu 22-Jul-10 21:40:34

Why do you need to remain anonymous ???

I am North Forest - Newent area.

Where do you live now ?

pop1973 Thu 22-Jul-10 21:42:02

Whirlikidz looks good, a bit of a trek in the car to get there though, I might try it once for a day trip though.

Thanks for the tip.

ILiveInTheForestArea Thu 22-Jul-10 21:49:27

I don't want my normal username associated with any particular area, the internet is full of loons who might piece together who I am, it's happened on MN more than once.


The Children's Centre or your HV will have details of groups that you can attend with your tinie, so that you can start finding and making friends

They might have finished for the summer though

this is good fun

I am a long way away from you, and am very busy working so feel unable to offer to meet up at the moment

biscuitsmiler Thu 05-Aug-10 10:56:54

I am in the forest area - mum of two - baby of eight months and one of eleven

SarahRJ Sat 07-Aug-10 21:34:53

Hi - good to find these posts. We are hoping to move to the area . I have a two and a half year old and a 7 month old. Just wondered how you found moving to the area and also really interested in advice on where's good as a location.
Looking for good access to forest/countryside but not too far from amenities particularly for the kids.

pop1973 Sun 08-Aug-10 13:07:14

biscuitsmiler - my little one is 13 months and one 5.

Sarah RJ - Where are you moving from ? Forest can be quite a quiet area. I find that there doesn't seem to be much to do around with the children. We originally lived in a City and the edge of Stroud - which was fab for young children.
Newent is near amenities for the children - i.e. leisure centre and swimming pool. Not too far from Gloucester city centre - where you will find most things cinemas, bowling etc.
I have found that if you want to live in the countryside then there isn't much to do with the children in my honest opinion.
There are some lovely places near to Coleford - but again I find that you have to always get the car out to go anywhere.
Country walks are great - but my 5 year old wants to do a little more than country walks now.

lostrequiem Wed 18-Aug-10 06:07:30

I know it's been a while since anyone posted here but wanted to pop my head up ^^ I live in the forest, new mum with a nine-week-old baby boy.

As I don't drive, I can back up pop's point about needing a car to get anywhere fun from Coleford. About half an hour's (brisk!) walk from the town centre is Perrygrove Railway, which is great fun and fairly cheap too, and just down the road from there is Puzzlewood. But apart from that, there's really not a lot, and with a tiny baby it's hard to get a bus anywhere as half of them don't have any wheelchair space or even a luggage rack!

Sarah, you may want to look into Lydney as well. I used to live there, and IIRC there are lots of toddler/baby groups as well as a nice big park smack bang in the middle of town.
On the flip side, though, I always see more people with buggies in Coleford or Cinderford, so you might be more likely to find other mums there grin
Cinderford is a hole though

pop1973 Sat 28-Aug-10 16:04:08

Hi lostrequiem,

Nice to find some other new mums in the area. I know Coleford well, do you know if Little Follies is still going as I fancied taking my baby along, I heard that it had closed, do you know if this is true, as I believe there is a baby & toddler group that meets there ?? It is a 20 minute drive for me, but I don't mind going to somewhere with the little one, for something to do.

Puzzlewood is good for the older child but not good for babies, agree with you there. Are you getting out to many groups ?

Sarah how is the house hunting going ?

If anyone is up for a meet up and chat in the forest, then I would be prepared to come along, ??

HugoReyes Sat 04-Sep-10 21:02:10

Hi all, I am from the Forest too, I have a 12 month old boy.

Pop I am afraid that Little Follies has closed, such a shame as it was fab and free for under ones. Dick Whittington Park in Longhope is good, has indoor soft play, cafe and animals outside. It's a bit pricey though as you have to pay for adults too (babies free.) I think they run a term time baby/toddler group which may be discounted though!

The best group I've found so far is at Mitcheldean children's centre, in the library. Baby group term times on a Weds morning 9.30-11 and stay and play I think is Weds afternoon. Staff there are very friendly and welcoming, other mums all lovely. Would also be up for meeting up if anyone fancies a coffee and chat!

pop1973 Mon 06-Sep-10 16:40:29

Hi HugoReyes, my little one is 14 months now, what a shame about Little Follies. Not keen on Longhope I think it is too pricey and soft play area really dirty in my opinion.

What is the age for the baby group on Weds. morning as my little one is still not walking properly. I will pop in and find out what is available in Mitcheldean tomorrow morning.

I am just up the road from Mitcheldean and quite happy to have a coffee sometime.

HugoReyes Mon 13-Sep-10 14:55:25

Hi Pop,

sorry for coming back to this so late, I'm not actually sure what the age limit is on the baby group, mine has just turned 13 months and also not walking but they haven't turned me away yet! I'll be going there this Wednesday so I'll ask, would be nice to see you there if you're free.

I actually live in between Lydney and Coleford but am happy to meet up anywhere for coffee!

pop1973 Mon 11-Oct-10 20:34:44

Hi HugoReyes,

Haven't been onto the site for ages, sorry.

Quite happy to meet up for coffee, what about half way at Beechenhurst sometime ?

magickxx Tue 19-Apr-11 17:05:10

I live on Ruardean Hill. Awesome views!

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