Gaidhlig School Mums assemble quietly here please... we are joining you and i want an MN gang of pals from the off... TAING!

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Aitch Sat 12-Jun-10 10:06:25

don't know if that taing thing is right but i like it anyway...

dd1 starting in Aug, reveal yourselves fellow Berkeley St education hunters... grin

kirmcc, get over here, and weegie, and the REST, i want hauners. (and later we will get thread deleted, fear not, so that the whole of the internet doesn't have access to our personal deets.)

Aitch Sun 13-Jun-10 21:57:06


BingumyAndThob Mon 14-Jun-10 00:04:30

Whatever is 'Taing'? is it a scottish thing?

Aitch Mon 14-Jun-10 00:31:23

oh yes indeedy. grin it means deep fried mars bar in gaelic.

BingumyAndThob Mon 14-Jun-10 09:51:32

<<peers disbelievingly at aitch>> and a haggis is a wee creature that has 2 legs shorter than the others from living on hillsides?

Aitch Mon 14-Jun-10 10:13:42

correct. we sell them to english and americans to eat. blech.

Aitch Tue 15-Jun-10 23:02:12

oi, where are you people?

Aitch Fri 18-Jun-10 11:51:37

epic FAIL on this thread. weegie, i saw you, you beeatch. i just got stung for SIXTY TWO POUNDS on the school uniform front. [pfb]

BingumyAndThob Fri 18-Jun-10 14:10:00

Oh dear... none of your scottish friends are playing Aitch. sad

Aitch Fri 18-Jun-10 15:00:29

i know. but then scottish people are uttur basturds. grin

kirmcc Tue 22-Jun-10 21:36:22

i'm here eventually- for a while there i wasn't allowed on the local boards for some reason

i take it dd is going to the school this year then and you didn't actually buy the branded school uniform did you??? i never bought a thing this year!

dd has the kilt that still fits here but thats all the proper uniform she will be wearing

don't worry i'll be there to help you adjust to the playground politics

kirmcc Tue 22-Jun-10 21:49:40

oh and i don't have that cat thing that gets used on here but if you want you could leave your contact details in ds's pigeon hole at nursery and we could arrange gaelic wink meet ups over the summer holidays???

Aitch Tue 22-Jun-10 22:32:11

will do!

of COURSE i bought loads of it, she's my PFB! grin in fact the only thing i didn't buy was the blazer, and i really want one... <yearns>

Aitch Tue 22-Jun-10 22:36:45

(this is not true. i bought a cardi, kilt, tie and winter coat. still quite a lot.)

kirmcc Mon 28-Jun-10 14:05:00

theres only a handful of kids that wear the blazer and i don't know those that do. dd just has the navy winter jacket from last year but its that big it will do her another year- but this year i'm just kinda ignoring the uniform guidelines tbh- dd always ends up so dirty that i will be getting navy polo shirts for her to wear and i think i will go for red shoes this year- think they look pretty cute

what teacher did your dd end up with?? and did you get my text?

weegiemum Wed 30-Jun-10 10:20:05

Hello! Just saw this!! Sorry I haven't been around too much and am about to go to the Caribbean for 3 weeks!!!!!!

Anyway - oh yes you were stung on the uniform. We buy the cardis/sweatshirts but no blazers etc .... they are trying to go upmarket with the blazers/ties etc but most of the older children are in polos/sweatshirts.

I will CAT you now to try to meet up - we're back 27th July so must do a meet up before the start of term.

Do you know what teacher your dd is getting? I've got a dd2 going into p3 with Miss Macaulay, ds going into p4 with Miss Maclennan (he's terrified!!! - she has a very strict reputation but tbh his class needs it!!) and also dd1 going into p6 with the fabulous Mr Cassidy! Dd1 is also a 'buddy' next year, would be weird if she was your dd's one!

Will CAT now!

kirmcc Fri 02-Jul-10 15:21:45

my dd is in miss macaulays class aswell not too sure who she is but the people i've asked seem to think she is a nice teacher and wow very jealous of dd1 getting mr cassidy- i hope dd/ds ends up with up one year

enjoy your holiday and i noticed that the other thread mentions going to pollok park for a meet up- might join you there if it happens- kids love it there
oh and aitch fancy a picnic in the park with ceapairen agus silidh?? (sandwiches and jam- couldn't think of anything else) or could do botanics whatever is easier for you??

kirmcc Sat 24-Jul-10 16:27:35

aitch- you still here???
you doing the summer club by any chance?

foreverastudent Tue 27-Jul-10 12:50:37


did any of you use the gaelic nursery? I'm thinking of sending my DD in january.

frasersmummy Tue 27-Jul-10 13:01:40

I bought my ds all the school logo'd stuff for starting in August ..

There has been a lot of pointing and laughing by more experienced mothers... guess it will be spot the new mum!

CaptainNancy Tue 27-Jul-10 13:32:47

A kilt? aw....

kirmcc Wed 28-Jul-10 16:01:43

foreverastudent- my ds is still in the nursery- he'll be going tot he school next year, and aitchs dd just left the nursery

he loves it there and everyday he asks if its time to go back to it!

frasersmummy alot of kids are dressed in the logo'd uniform- so he won't be the only one
my dd is just very lanky (and messy) so i wanted to get the stain resistant, tough as old boots uniforms

the kilt is cute especially at the end off the day when they have gone a bit squinty and are at their ankles:D

weegiemum Wed 04-Aug-10 10:50:13

Hello! I am back from hols!!

Is there any chance of us getting together before the schools go back? If not, maybe after school one afternoon if the weather is nice?

Foreverastudent - 2 of my 3 went to the Gaelic nursery and they loved it very much. One of the teachers is a former pupil of mine so I can recommend it! The older of my dc only didn't go cos we didn't live in Glasgow then! Ds was there for a year and dd2 for a year. I think it really helps them with gaelic before they go into the school - and school entry is pretty automatic if they have been in the nursery.

If you are looking for a January start you will probably be restricted to the afternoon session as the morning is far more popular and gets snapped up faster IIRC.

kirmcc - awww our dds are in the same class! Fantastic!!!

kirmcc Fri 06-Aug-10 11:30:55

i'm away through to my parents until wednesday then it will be a mad panic when i get back as i still haven't got dd her school shoes yet! but would definately be up for going ot the park after school one day

weegiemum Fri 06-Aug-10 11:40:14

I too am pretty busy until the end of the hols - kids off to Grannie's on Sunday till Thursday.

Could do next Friday. Or what about Wednesday after school on the first week back - to go to the park or whatever?

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