good childminder near gorbals!!

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Greedypiggy Tue 25-Aug-09 14:34:25

Hi! I live in richmond gate near gorbals. My lo is 9 months old. I'm looking for a good childminder nearby starting from november/december onwards, part time initially but going on to full time in february. Me and DH both have unpredictable hours and work shifts as well so the childminder needs to be flexible and possibly look after my daughter occasional weekend as well. I know you ladies would help me out. Pleeeeease?

dubbletrubble Sun 30-Aug-09 01:54:50

Sounds like you need a nanny more than a child-minder Greedypiggy with your unpredictable hours. Most childminders operate on an 8-6 day but nannies more flexible (although more expensive).

You should try all the local authorities registration websites sites via or Prob Glasgow CC and South Lanarkshire ones will suit you best in your location. You will find many have a waiting list, so best get onto it asap.

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