Good play group in Rutherglen/Cambuslang/Blantyre area?

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Paranoid1stTimer Mon 10-Aug-09 16:58:31

My friend found a great play group in East Kilbride but I would really like to find one more local. Just looking for recommendations and to find out what kind of activities you get up to as well as age groups catered for.


geordieminx Sat 15-Aug-09 09:09:21

There is one in Hamilton on a wed afternoon, at the Salvation Army on Burnblea Street, its run by the NCT so is £1 for a couple of hours plus tea and biscuits

midnightexpress Sat 15-Aug-09 09:31:28

Where are you paranoid1sttimer? The alternative would be to come to one of the meetups (not that I've been for AGES) but the Glasgow MNers seem to meeting up quite regularly at the moment. There are a few of us in that area - I'm in Burnside, and so is trixyMalixy (though she's just had a baby, so might be out of action for a week or two grin). How old are your DCs?

glasgowlass Sat 15-Aug-09 10:02:09

Hi I am in Rutherglen.

There is a rhyme time in Rutherglen library on a Thursday, 10:30 til 11 and again 1:30 til 2.

I havent been to any others but have heard that:

Monday(AM), Rutherglen Baptist Church (dont know time)

Tuesday (AM),Salvation Army on King street at 10am, United reform church, Johnstone Drive (dont know time)

Wednesday (AM) Burnside Church (not sure of time, maybe a Burnside MNer can help?)

Thursday (AM) United reform church, Johnstone Dr and Rutherglen Baptist Church (again not sure of times, sorry!) Plus the rhyme times I mentioned previously.



Paranoid1stTimer Sat 15-Aug-09 12:15:28

I'm in Cambuslang but I moved here not that long ago and don't really know anyone. LO is 16 months. Just don't want to have to go down the route of trying several different ones that are rubbish before finding a good one. Would rather get recommended u know?

I am terrible in these kind of situations and have been to one that was in a church hall where the kids ran riot and the mums went for a coffee leaving a couple of mums to look out for all the kids. Really hated it. Was really cliquey too - this wasnt in Cambuslang or rutherglen by the way!!! The kids were mostly older n there were some babies asleep in prams but it defo said 12 months to 5 yrs so I thought we would be ok...

I just didn't really feel welcome. LO would be happy to play at home or at the soft play for now anyways. I just think when he gets to 18 months we will defo have to go to playgroup or something.

midnightexpress Sat 15-Aug-09 16:26:18

The Burnside church one is just down the road from me, but I think there's a waiting list - I couldn't get any info about it. I did go a few times to one in the church on Stonelaw Rd - opposite the medical centre. It's on a Friday morning and was quite good (but my two are now at nursery on a Fri morning so I don't go any more). It was OK, fairly friendly. I am generally not a big fan of playgroups.
A bit further afield, I used to like Playbreak in the church at Queen's Park - Tues and Thurs mornings at 10. They have a rota for helping with various jobs but also have 'aunties' who look after the wee ones while the mums sit in another room and eat biscuits grin. And they have a room for the LOs who aren't walking and another room for the bigger ones.

I feel a coffee morning coming on.

<puts on apron>

glasgowlass Sat 15-Aug-09 19:11:04

Thats good to know about the Stonelaw church, just round the corner from me! My DS is just 9 months so may be a little young for some groups, think thats why I have stuck to just rhyme time TBH.

strollerRoller Tue 01-Sep-09 21:58:16

If you fancy getting a bit of exercise while socialising there is a new walking group for parents and babies/toddlers called Strollers. The group meets at 10:30 every Wednesday at the Cairns Road Entrance to Cambuslang Park.There is a weekly activity for toddlers and the walk starts and ends at the playpark so that mums can linger and chat while the kids play. Small, friendly group. Free. On website

Paranoid1stTimer Wed 02-Sep-09 09:27:04

Do we just turn up at 10:30 at the entrance to the park then? Sounds really good.

strollerRoller Wed 02-Sep-09 14:42:55

Yes, just turn up any wednesday at 10:30. We would only cancel if the weather was extreme otherwise we walk every week in all weathers. You are welcome to come every week or just drop in whenever it suits you. It is a small, friendly group.

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