Professional cake maker/icer?

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geordieminx Tue 04-Aug-09 14:12:57

I'm looking for someone to ice my wedding cake (cake already made). I dont suppose anyone does this or knows anyone?

Ta muchly

giraffesCanRunA10k Fri 07-Aug-09 07:10:06

Did you get someone? Nice wee place on dumbarton road worth a try.

geordieminx Fri 07-Aug-09 07:26:06

Yeah, thanks Giraffe - Someone who did a cake at a wedding that another MN'er went to last week.

SShe's fab (hopefully) - lots of lovely pics/really nice over email.

giraffesCanRunA10k Fri 07-Aug-09 08:42:46


weegiemum Fri 07-Aug-09 08:58:50

Geordie - when are you getting married? Thats exciting!!!!

geordieminx Fri 07-Aug-09 10:41:14

3rd October... when you say it, it sounds ages away but its 8 weeks on Saturday! Very excited!

prettybird Mon 10-Aug-09 16:50:44

I can ask my mum who she got to ice my cake (mum had made it) - although that was a) 11 years ago and b) my mum has had a head injury, so she may not remember.

Paranoid1stTimer Mon 10-Aug-09 20:13:52

There is a guy with a shop on the Main St, Cambuslang not far from the train station. Can't remember it's name but my cousin got her wedding cake iced there a couple of months back. She was really happy and she was a right Bridezilla!

She also said the guy was really helpful and nice. They just went in to talk to him and he had photos and a whole lot of sample cakes in the shop.

It is quite a big shop with lots of cakes in the windows...

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