Things to do with a 6 month old

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buccinator Sat 02-May-09 15:16:51

Hi there I am looking for an acitivity for my ds and his dad on Mondays. We live on the South Side but are willing to drive. Also I take my boy to few groups over the week but would like to try some new things and also find something to do on Saturday. All suggestions would be most welcome.

nulgirl Sat 02-May-09 16:42:52


There is a bounce and rhyme music group at Langside Library on a Mon - think its during the afternoon. Its good for dads because it doesn't entail making small talk with the other parents. You could also look into signing up for the baby gym classes at Bellahouston Leisure Centre or at the one in the Gorbals. I'm sure they'll have classes on a Monday.

My dh spent the 1st year of our dd's life being a sahd and he found it hard work mainly due to the isolation. He is not v good at "joining" in and making small talk. I wish I had made the effort to get him signed up to activities.

buccinator Sat 02-May-09 20:14:13

Thanks. I've been told that langside library is packed on Mondays so don't know how enjoyable that would be. Gymnastics sounds fab. I'll def find out about that one. If at Bellahouston he can take him swimming afterwards as well. Any interesting activities during the week? Also why are all classess early in the morning. It would be nice to have something after 3:30. Anyone any ideas? Any time during the week will do. Also any activities on Saturday?

nulgirl Tue 05-May-09 18:52:12

Haven't come across anything late afternoons. Mostly i think because a lot of parents are involved with school pickups and because most toddlers are decidedly grumpy and lacking in concentration by that time.

Not sure if there are any organised activities on a sat. think there may be a music group at the tramway.

I go to a toddlers in newlands on wed morn and another in pollokshields on a fri morn. there are a couple of dads with kids there sometimes.

Rory1 Tue 19-May-09 08:17:09

Hi there,

New to Mumsnet. I am effectivley a single mum through the week as hubby works away Monday - Friday. Would be great if there were any activities for 20month old in afternoons to help tire him out for bedtime. Go along to toddlers or play and stay most days, but struggle in the afternoons to keep the wee one amused, particulary when weather bad and cant get to the park for a round around. Any ideas, please let me know.

NumptyMum Tue 02-Jun-09 21:22:42

Garscube playrooms near George's Cross (ie St Georges Cross on underground, then walk) is great, open from 10am-4pm Mon-Fri. See Pay membership fee, then £1 per visit.

For the South siders, Queens' Park glasshouses have a soft-play (ish) area in the cafe, v popular. Think it closes earlier on a Fri afternoon. For older kids there's also reptiles and birds.

There's also a soft-play in Dumbarton I'm told is good, even for toddlers -

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