Loch Lomond shores aquarium

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glasjam Mon 16-Mar-09 00:02:37

Went today with my 6 year old - does anyone think it is really overpriced? Or am I just out of touch? It cost £19.95 for one adult and a child - my partner chose to stay with the baby as to be honest we couldn't both afford to go in. My child had a nice time but I didn't think it was that good myself. The shape of the building makes it awkward to navigate and I was left feeling distinctly underwhelmed.

shonaspurtle Mon 16-Mar-09 00:09:52

I was thinking of taking ds and was baulking a bit at the cost. My friend had told me it was really good but she was with another adult, not a 2 year old.

I think we'll hold off for a while based on your experience. Ds could easily get bored after 20 minutes and he's still happy visiting the fish at Pets at Home [cheapskate mother].

I'm toying about a day out at Deep Sea World in the summer which is probably as expensive, but part of the draw of that is taking ds by train and going across the Forth Rail Bridge which he'd love.

AitchTwoOh Mon 16-Mar-09 00:38:21

you can get cheaper tix through... what's that website... the one they floated, martha lane fox etc. what IS it?

AitchTwoOh Mon 16-Mar-09 00:40:13

although they're only giving 10% off at the mo.

here's 20% off. www.discountbritain.net/Loch-Lomond-Sea-Life-Centre.html?url=adwords&gclid=CK6Q5faappkCFQ2ZQwodzRy-q Q

shonaspurtle Mon 16-Mar-09 00:40:53

Lastminute.com? Really? So have you been with dd1 & did she last more than 20 mins?

shonaspurtle Mon 16-Mar-09 00:45:16

Actually, if you book online in advance it's cheaper too:


(Sorry glasjam, this must be a little irritating)

AitchTwoOh Mon 16-Mar-09 00:46:32

oh yes, we took dd when she was about 18 mos. she LOVED it. and we took a picnic to eat on the roof (there are picnic tables).

they have otters, dd still talks about them. it's worth noting the feeding time as that is hilarious. your ds will love it, standing beside great big shoals of fish, like a giant telly but REAL. and there's a tunnel and tanks where wee sharks splash them. very worthwhile imo. but pricey, tbh, even at 20% off. i can see why though, loads of staff, heating tanks etc.

AitchTwoOh Mon 16-Mar-09 00:48:28

yes, sorry glasjam. blush

i think that's what we did last time, although the link was through lastminute.com.

shonaspurtle Mon 16-Mar-09 00:52:53

Ok, will reconsider then.

We took ds to the Glasgow Science Centre when he was about 18months and that was a big, fat waste of time tbh (which I should have been able to predict). He was too light to activate the big floor piano and couldn't reach most of the other things.

Will be a good day out when he's about 8 though.

AitchTwoOh Mon 16-Mar-09 00:56:01

ah, we like the science centre. mostly for the big piano though, admittedly.

shona i have an ear infection, it's just turned up. i am sitting here in AGONY trying to work. and i have dd1's hot water bottle pressed up against my ear. my face is all swollen. my teeth hurt in sympathy...

help me. [pathetic]

glasjam Mon 16-Mar-09 08:27:57

I suppose it was a bit of a spur of the moment thing with us. We were at the shores and my child had earned himself a treat so I just gritted my teeth. Before I went in I knew it would be expensive but was still shocked it came to £19.95. I've been before and I think I must have got round by the lift route cos I had the pushchair which is a bit easier. We weren't the only ones confused that you had to walk THROUGH the cinema to get to the sharks! Wish they'd sort the screen out at the cinema though - it's like they're shining too much light on the screen and it's very hard to see - mentioned this to the staff. Can't fault the staff though who were very friendly and they were good with the kids in the hands-on bit with the crabs, star-fish etc.

I am sure with the shark obsession we'll go back - so I'll remember to check out those sites you've all mentioned beforehand. Our fave destination still remains the Science Centre but we usually get an annual pass for that and it more than pays for itself (especially if the Grandparents have bought it for Xmas!)

Blottedcopybook Mon 16-Mar-09 08:55:06

I honestly resent these places - I found Deep Sea World to be extortionate too, there was under an hour's worth of stuff to look at and the entry was so expensive (we went with my Dad and StepMum, Hubby & I and my DS. Other DS was free as he was under 2 at the time).

I think we're maybe just spoiled because we went to Nausicaa in France last Summer which was amazing, relatively cheap and the kids absolutely loved it.

shonaspurtle Mon 16-Mar-09 12:45:44

Owwwwwww Aitch - I hope you're better this morning. Pills, loads of pills.

I've never had an ear infection but ds is plagued by them.

If your ear drum bursts there will be a lot of pus (mmmm) but you'll feel much better and apparently this isn't a big deal.. ( Ifreaked a lot little the first time the doctor told me ds's eardrum had burst but I'm quite blase now).

I really hope you've managed to get some Strong Drugs down you.

BexieID Mon 20-Apr-09 15:04:59

My mum used her clubcard deals tokens to go. I didn't think it was all that great and would have been annoyed if paid full price.

shonaspurtle Mon 20-Apr-09 15:25:25

We went last week and did really enjoy it.

It was helpful with a toddler that you could get your hand stamped and come and go. We ended up going round about 3 times over the course of a day so that we could see the sharks being fed etc but not have to hang around. Plenty else to do on a dry day.

We got half price tickets through a Burger King offer - one for each adult meal. Not worth going specially to Burger King for, but if you're a sucker for the odd quarterpounder then it's a good deal at the moment.

SimpleAsABC Fri 24-Apr-09 11:08:32

Pound shop are doing tickets, and i'm sure it's buy one get one free.

glasgowtomelbourne Thu 06-Aug-09 15:17:24

We went to the aquarium when we were back visiting in December. Baring in mind that we have the Melbourne and Sydney aquariums to compare to we were really disappointed. And we did find it expensive as well. The otters were cute though smile.

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