Anyone recommend a good removal company in Glasgow?

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glasjam Tue 09-Dec-08 12:20:45

Hi there - any recommendations from anyone gratefully received - have contacted Careful Movers, Gerards and Classic Removals so far - awaiting quotes. Just moving round the corner but it's happening the week everyone gets back after new year so a bit of a mad time! Any companies I should avoid like the plague too?

prettybird Tue 09-Dec-08 12:24:55

Sorry - not used a mover s the last time we moved, we were just going from a one bedroomed flat to a larger house, plus we had over a month to do it, so we did it bit by bit and then hired a van ourselves frot he last day.

Next move we will definitely also be looking fro recommendations! grin

Aimsmum Tue 09-Dec-08 12:54:03

Message withdrawn

prettybird Tue 09-Dec-08 12:57:58

Hiya Aimsmum! Long time since I've seen you! smile

Aimsmum Tue 09-Dec-08 13:02:02

Message withdrawn

prettybird Tue 09-Dec-08 13:13:58

Rather then hi-jack the thread - have a look at the Edinburgh Christmas night out thread, but the short answers are "not good" and "no" sad

littleramona Tue 09-Dec-08 21:51:49

Hi we used aztec removals, they're based in hillington. They were very good and not too pricey also used them for storage.

glasjam Tue 09-Dec-08 21:58:08

Thanks Aimsmum - we'd prefer the removal firm route because although we haven't got a lot of stuff we'd prefer it if it was them putting their backs out rather than us! I suppose if we had lots of family nearby we could drum up enough muscle but there's only us. Maybe we're just lazy!

reindeercantdancethetango Tue 09-Dec-08 22:07:07

Depends how much stuf you have I guess but can very highly reccomend these guys here used them twice, and would use them again in a flash. punctual, relaiable, take great care. A bit fell off my mirror - now it was always loose anyway I told them this and said not to worry at all as it was a pointless bit at the back, they insisted on getting tools out and fixing it for me so now its better than new.

They moved a large 2 bedroom 4th floor flat for me with great ease. (well they moved the contents not the flat ;) ) Suggests man with a van on website but we said we couldnt help and that was fine he brought two assistants, both very helpful too.

glasjam Wed 14-Jan-09 10:43:50

Just to say we did the house move and ended up using Careful Movers - they were very good and I managed to negotiate down their initial price.

glasjam Thu 02-Jul-09 22:38:57

Back after having moved AGAIN yesterday. This time used Home Run as recommended by ReindeerCDTT - poor guys moved us in the boiling heat and did a brilliant job! We had a LOT of stuff too (3 bed semi's worth and some!) Didn't use them back in January because I thought that it might be too much for them - could have saved myself a few quid. Hopefully I won't be sampling any other Glasgow removal firms for quite some time now grin

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