Anybody been to new soft play centre in Bridgeton ?

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wheezyconnolly Wed 10-Sep-08 20:44:02


Has anyone been to that new soft play centre in Bridgeton main street yet? I am planning to take my two monsters there at the weekend and wondered if anyone can recommend it ?


Flier Thu 11-Sep-08 20:07:32

hi, whereabouts in Bridgeton is it?

littlepig Sat 13-Sep-08 14:54:15


Haven't been but did just pick up an advert for it and was wondering about checking it out.

What ages are your 'monsters'?

My ds is only 7 months (therefore free but that's probably for a reason) so not sure it's worth a visit unless I'm with someone who will probably get a lot more out of it (though I could still use the cafe...)

wheezyconnolly Thu 18-Sep-08 20:31:24


I took them along last weekend and was pretty impressed. It's really colourful and the staff are helpful and friendly. Makes a change from some of the other places we've been.
It's called Pure Mayhem and seems to be one of the better soft play centres in Glasgow ( I've been to all of them I think )
My little monsters are 7 and 18 months. Both were having a great time and could have stayed there all day running around but by the end of the two hours I couldn't keep up with them.
There was a good ball pit and separate frame for the wee one and some baby type toys, some of which she was too big for, and the staff were good at keeping the 'big ones' out.
My 7 year old had a great time in the big frame and thought the slides were 'very fast' and 'very cool' which is apparently a good thing All in all a good day.

To answer both your questions, it's on Bridgeton main street across from Greggs and the cafe was reasonably priced.


Nyx Mon 06-Oct-08 10:27:12

Hiya wheezy, I noticed you said you'd been to pretty much all of the soft play places in glasgow...are there any in or near the west end? And failing that, how do I get to Bridgeton on the bus? LOL...sorry but I don't drive and I'm rubbish getting a bus to places I haven't been

Thanks in advance!

giggly Sun 12-Oct-08 02:18:12

Nyz, the nearest to the West End is Monkey Madness in Clydebank which is really easy to get to. We used to go to the swamp in Maryhill before it shut.
Do you know about the Garscube Playrooms at St. George's X not quite soft play but great for under 5's

Nyx Sun 02-Nov-08 00:27:59

Hi giggly,

Sorry, I've just noticed your post now blush Thanks very much - I've just googled that Garscube Playrooms and it looks like fun. DD and I will have to check it out some time soon!

Doha Thu 08-Jan-09 19:17:29

Hi there

Tried out Pure Mayhem and must admit l have been to better play centres in Glasgow.
It was clean enough but equipment was not great for my daughter and her friend who at 7 years old found the equipment pretty tame and became bored quite quickly. The food choice was adequate but the pizza were hard and inedible.

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