Anyone booked in to Wishaw maternity unit?

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monkeytennis Mon 12-May-08 12:57:02

Hi, we have just moved out from Glasgow to Blantyre with the result that im now booked in to wishaw general for my first birthing experience at the beginning of August. Is there anyone else in the same boat, or have any knowledge of what the unit is like?

bruhaha Mon 12-May-08 23:22:51

Wishaw is quite a nice hospital and modern. My cousins wife is a midwife there and by all accounts it is well run.

monkeytennis Mon 19-May-08 03:27:28

Thanks bruhaha, that is reassuring to know. Roll on August!

geordieminx Sun 25-May-08 20:55:16

I had ds there a year ago. 14 hours labour then c/s

No probs - parking a bit manic at times, alhough it is free which is a bonus compared to other hospitals.

They put you on wards depending on where you live I think - although if you decide you want an epidural then you have to move to another ward - I did, although cant remember actually being moved blush

The birthing rooms are lovely, private bathroom, tv, sofa, birthing ball, er... cant remember anything else about them. The have a couple of pools that you can birth in, I had hoped to give it a go but favoured pain relief blush

Midwives were great, wards were noisy but I guess thats typical!!

Food absolutely awful - "breakfast" a trolley with some pots of tea and some cereal to help yourself to - get your other half to bring Maccy's on the way in wink

Good Luck!! (I live in Uddingston btw)

monkeytennis Thu 29-May-08 11:10:37

Well, it all sounds good geordieminx. I like the sound of the pools, hope theres no one else in it when i arrive in!
I dont think any hospital has good food. Ill just bring my own, possibly.
Thanks for all your help!

littlepig Wed 25-Jun-08 19:54:27

Also had my ds in Wishaw in January and they were great - I had problems getting breastfeeding established and the midwives were so supportive (but not pushy).

The birthing rooms are as good as geordie says - highly recommend the pool!! (I say this to anyone who will listen these days ) Also, I was reassured that if by some chance all the pools are busy (!) that the baths are huge and deep and would be a decent substitute but fortunately I got the real thing.

As for the food - I didn't mind the morning tea trolley and all my other meals were scoffed on the go as my ds's sixth sense for when I'm trying to eat was fully functional even then.

Actually I live in Glasgow but grew up in Motherwell and work in Wishaw (plus both sets of grandparents are in Lanarkshire) so am about...

colonel Thu 26-Jun-08 12:14:46

hey maybe i will see you there, i am going there for my first in august as well. i have been there already early on for a scan and the staff were lovely and the place seemed clean and calm. it is really good to hear other mums have had positive experiences there.

monkeytennis Fri 27-Jun-08 10:36:22

Thanks little pig, im really glad that you had a good experience there. It takes away the fear of the unknown, as all my appointments and parentcraft stuff have been at the local health centre, so ive been nowhere near the hospital yet.

Hey colonel, what is your due date? Ive been given the 2nd of August, so we may well end up there at the same time!

elmoandella Wed 20-Aug-08 21:04:57

rooms are great,and all have their own toilet.

birthing pool was great.

staff were great.

they were so fantastic we sent flowers and chocolates as they helped me thru a really traumatic first birth

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