Do glaswegians not meet up???

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Clarabumps Fri 07-Mar-08 21:41:27

Just a general wondering if there was any kind of mums group thing going on in glasgow. I'm not talking about those health vistor induced nonsense things that you go to and then realise that you actually have absolutely nowt in commom(for the simple fact that you have, perhaps, finished secondary school)? It's just- well to be honest i'm feeling slightly starved of female company...females that have children..not so that we can just sit around and compare how each others kids are doing(secretly analysing everything we say so it cannot be mis-construed as competitive!) I seem to be rambling..i guess, just to clarify, i was wondering if there was a kind of group who meet up and have coffee, wine, whatever and have a good old bitch about things other than babies.( but don't feel guilty when you go go off on a baby-fuelled rant) just to chat about the normal stuff and thinks that we enjoy that are "just for us".
am i wrong in thinking this is the holy grail?or that glasgwegians just don't do meeting up? had to dust off the cobwebs when i signed into this site so if there are any relatively normal (or not) females out there who fancy a gab once in a while..get those fingers going and start replying!
just think there must be others in glasgow looking for this.
Sorry for such a long ramble(who am i ones bloody on this thing!!haha)

babelove Mon 10-Mar-08 09:48:32

Hi Clara, I am new onto mumsnet, I think that there are some regular meet ups within the Glasgow area, it is posted under this thread .

I have to agree with you that there is a lack of group things for mums (with a little baby is also harder to meet other mums as most classes are for >6 months!). Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to meet up for coffee & chat bout life outside of baby world!


midnightexpress Thu 13-Mar-08 14:26:10

Yes, come over to the meet-ups thread that babelove has linked to clarabumps. We meet up when we get round to organising it (ahem) and eat cake. How old is your dc? We have quite a gang over there now - come and join us! There are lots of newbies at the moment, and even the rest of us are surprisingly unscary.

SantaLucia Thu 07-Aug-08 18:21:22

Clarabumps - I love your message. Last time I went to a mums meeting group the starter for conversation (on a typically wet and dreary Glasgow day) was:

"Isn't it amazing that as long as your baby is safe and dry, you don't care how cold and wet you are"

Er....yes, I do care that I'm cold and wet. Helloooo?

Anyway, I tend to shy away from these groups as the other mums seem so thrilled with being mums and so interested in talking about puke and pureeing all their own baby food. I know I should lighten up but I guess I can be a bit cynical at times and I don't want to rain on their parade.

I was thinking of starting up a kind of anti-NCT type meeting (where we talk about all the other aspects of our lives rather than babies) or alternatively just a group of mums who go out in the evenings and have a glass of wine or similar.

I read about a group in America called "Mummys who Drink" and although this sounds dodgy it was just a group of women who got together to have a cocktail or a lemonade and be themselves. It was a reminder for them of who they were before babies and a chance to let off steam if they needed to.

prettybird Thu 07-Aug-08 18:25:32

Currently we're trying to organise an evening meet-up in Glasgowhere

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