Nurseries in cambuslang (near laurel lane)

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Bwith3 Mon 27-Mar-17 15:04:11

Hi everyone, we are moving up from London to the cambuslang area near Glasgow around mid May. We have two kids, My son turned 3 last month, my daughter is 18 months and I am expecting baby no.3 at the end of April. I really need names of nurseries private and public and any general advice on nurseries and how the system in Scotland differs to London. Like does nursery determine what primary school he goes to? because we don't think we will be in this same house for more than a year.

Any other advice on baby groups or anything else to keep me sane lol would be much appreciated.

Bwith3 Mon 27-Mar-17 15:21:57

These are the schools near us, any reviews???

HiMyNameIsUnknown Mon 27-Mar-17 15:46:56

I don't live in Cambuslang to give any tips but the Council website gives a list of nurseries. You can then look at their websites (if they have one) and OFSTEAD reports

In Scotland the nurseries attached to primary schools usually accept 3+ only so they work as a pre-school, however it does not guarantee acceptance to the primary school. Also as they are attached to primary schools they may are often only open term time so you'll need to find cover for school holidays.

When you make contact with the nurseries I would ask tor their upcoming availability as i come under the same council & found many nurseries full for up to 12 months. Though my DC would be in a younger room than your's so I may have been unlucky

HTHs and I'm sure someone will be along soon with regards to local info.

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