Party venue for 70th

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IBontherocks Tue 02-Aug-16 10:17:31

My Mum is from Glasgow and misses it badly. She has not been too well the last year so we wanted to have a big surprise party for her birthday with about 50 - 70 people and a ceilidh. We want to hire a byo venue, maybe on West side or central as her family are near there. All ideas very gratefully received.

mamaheartcake Tue 02-Aug-16 10:59:52

Any of the family got an in with a bowling club in the area?

sleepyhead Tue 02-Aug-16 11:26:19

I was going to suggest bowling clubs too.

Lots in the West End - St Vincent for eg:

I think they'd want you to use their bar though.

Maybe try church halls too?

sleepyhead Tue 02-Aug-16 11:29:27

Partick Burgh Halls say you can use your own caterer:

IBontherocks Tue 02-Aug-16 11:42:44

Excellent! Thank you so, so much. Will take a look at those.

wecanbeheroes Tue 02-Aug-16 16:17:14

Hillhead Rugby Club?

IBontherocks Tue 02-Aug-16 17:34:21

Thanks so much. I called st Vincent's but no little ones allowed and kids have to leave Hillhead by 10. Am waiting to hear if Partick will let us byo.

AgentProvocateur Tue 02-Aug-16 22:08:17

I was looking for a venue with the same requirements as you a while ago and it's the BYOB that's an issue. Try the well-know scout hall in the west end - maybe Kelbourne St? Also, Catholic Church halls will let you hire a bar or BYOB whereas Church of Scotland don't allow alcohol. If you give up onBYOB, try Sloans in the city centre. Reasonable room hire rates and they run a weekly ceilidh so they know the drill. Good luck.

trixymalixy Tue 02-Aug-16 22:21:04

Pollokshaws burgh hall?

IBontherocks Tue 02-Aug-16 22:52:56

Thanks Agent and trixy. Will try those next. Reason for Byo is that DH works in alcohol business so much, much cheaper and better usually to byo for parties due to discount - we are v lucky people!

IBontherocks Wed 03-Aug-16 13:09:40

Hi trixy. Pollokshaws can do the date and is perfect. All booked. Thank you very much!!! My Mum is going to love it!!!

trixymalixy Wed 03-Aug-16 22:57:39

Fab. I hope you all have a lovely party. Xx

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