State vs private education in Glasgow

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Hailliepops Mon 07-Mar-16 18:07:36

So, the deal is that I'm pregnant, just moved to Hyndland, currently just round the corner from Hyndland Primary school and in the catchment area for both Hyndland and Broomhill Primary.

I always assumed DS or DD would go one of those but I've been slightly thrown by the fact that every single person I know in this area sends their children to private school.

Are the local schools that bad? What kind of reputation do they have? Should I be planning for private school and starting to save now? I'd prefer a state school but obviously I want what is right for my kids.

wecanbeheroes Fri 11-Mar-16 22:36:16

My DD is at Hillhead primary and I am very happy with it. (I went to private school myself ) Hillhead seems to be good balance between academic and social/emotional development. Hyndland and Broomhill primaries also both have good reputations as far as I know.

There is a certain type of Glaswegian that would only send their kids privately. (I've worked with a few). I don't know why this is but they come across as very rugby playing/cadet types - with a tendency to being doctors and lawyers.

FWIW among the parents I know of at Hillhead there is a wide range of parents, including professionals, artists, academics etc. I suspect the mix Hyndland and Broomhill would be much the same.

wecanbeheroes Sat 12-Mar-16 07:26:57

Oh, and I think Kirsty Wark sent her kids to Hyndland!

CityorTheBurbs Tue 26-Apr-16 20:27:44

no idea who the hell Kirsty Wark is.
DD1 went to Notre Dame and I was quite disappointed about the whole thing. We moved her to private this year.
While very happy with the education, the parents of her friends are as described by wecanbeheroes. Not enjoying that company much at all...

ouchthathurt Fri 29-Apr-16 17:00:01

Someone just resurrected a thread of yours from 5 years ago CityorTheBurbs so seeing as you're still around I'm dying to know whether you ever regretted your move from Knightswood to the West End?! And FYI, Kirtsy Wark is the political journalist/writer that presents Newsnight - pic here Just in case you bump into her in the West End grin

CityorTheBurbs Sat 30-Apr-16 21:32:40

arf grin

Thanks for the pic - never saw the woman (or had any idea who she is)

I'll look for the old thread for a laugh - truth is... I never get on Mumsnet out of mat leave, and just got a bit lost again!

We moved to the glorious West End - best ever decision at the time, as I was going bonkers in Knightswood with DD1 + pram + buses.
We've spent the last 5 years a stone-throw from Byres rd in a lovely big flat. But... have just bought again "out" of the city - I had not quite factored that I'd struggle with the WestEnd schools so much!

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