help!! partner walked out

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charleneralston26 Thu 07-Jan-16 06:36:44

so I am currently 32 weeks pregnant also have a 2 year old. I am due to go into hospital next month for a section but 5 days ago my world was turned round. my partner of nearly 4 years walked out....

told me he didn't love me and hasn't since before I fell pregnant with our daughter. now I am stuck, we have a mortgage together and I can't afford it (he paid the bills I bought what the house needed food,clothes etc etc) I am moving back to my parents at some point in the next few weeks but need my own space to get my children's life back to normality.

right now I am not doing well can't eat from being sick constantly, having panic attacks and not sleeping at all. I am trying to be friends with him for the sake that I need him to support and help with the kids over the next while but I am finding it hard. He is speaking with another girl that he said isn't romantically (but hiding his texts before we broke up) and it kills me to think the way he is with her the now was the way we started going out.

I now need to sort out nursery for our little boy, try and sort out a new house, try and move out of the current house, also get prepared for the baby arriving (mentally prepare myself for a section TERRIFIED!!)

I'm just at a wits end! anyone else able to give some advice? how do I go about trying to get help with the house and things like that. I'm a little fish in a massive shark pond right now!

wecanbeheroes Thu 07-Jan-16 09:44:25

I sorry this has happened. I can't provide a lot of advice right now as I am at work but can I suggest you post in relationships on the main site. You will get lots of advice there. B

judybloomers Sun 17-Jan-16 18:39:56

So sorry this has happened. As a first step to give you some breathing space, could you organise a mortgage payments holiday? Communication with your mortgage company before there's a problem could be v helpful.

If it helps, I have a friend who six years ago was in similar circumstances, she and her kids are happy and settled now. You will get through this.

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