Nurseries in Shawlands area

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varthvader Fri 07-Aug-15 22:33:00

Hello, I am moving to Shawlands in Glasgow and looking for some advice about what creches/nurseries there are in the area. We're new to the area and can't see that there are many nurseries for under 2s. We were under the impression that it is a really family orientated area, so what do people do/where do they go? Feeling a bit clueless and getting worried about the move!
Or maybe any info about childminders if this is what people without grandparents do? Would grateful for any knowledge or advice!!

prettybird Fri 07-Aug-15 22:49:03

I'm in Pollokshields and used a childminder (went back to work ft when ds was 4 months old as that was all the maternity leave you got way back then ds is 14 ).

The childminder was next door so was really convenient grin. Unfortunately, she'd stopped childminding by the time my downstairs' neighbour, 6 years later, was looking for a childminder. She did find a good one though, who I think was Shawlands way, so they can be found! wink

I think Heritage House on Albert Drive, takes Under 2s.

loueden Sat 08-Aug-15 17:45:12

Little Einsteins in Dumbreck/Pollokshields is by far the best nursery I have encountered, through both professional experience and personal - my son went there when he was 11 months old. Consistency of staff is unusual in this sector, but LE retain the same staff over a long number of years. I visited there last month and was pleased to see the same staff and the same high standards. Communication is excellent, they are well resourced and the children are happy and confident. Good child/staff ratio and organisation of activities meant my son came on leaps and bounds. We left when he was three to take a council place and reduce our outgoings, but have regretted that decision and wish we had just tightened our belts. Good luck with the search x

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