Moving to Hyndland August 2015

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longleggedlady Mon 13-Jul-15 13:39:30

As the subject line really! Moving to Clarence Drive in August with our 1 year old and wondering what's on in terms of toddler groups etc. thanks in advance!

FaintlyHopeful Tue 28-Jul-15 15:10:35

There's a really good toddler group on a Tuesday and Thursday morning at the Church hall on Novar Drive which is just around the corner for you and close to the wee park. I'm a wee bit out of it all now but it was 10-12 from memory.

Hyndland is incredibly friendly and if you pitch up in the park, you are sure to find someone who can tell you what is on. It's always packed with toddlers on a sunny day (the cooler 'big kids' got to Old Station Park!)

longleggedlady Sun 02-Aug-15 21:49:41

Great. Thanks!

petitescallion Sun 02-Aug-15 22:01:50

Welcome to Glasgow! There us loads of groups and activities in the west end for little ones - very well serviced. I aum not sure if your health visitor has the same but my one gave me a complete list of everything in my area shortly after dd2 was born.

islahartbeeps Sun 09-Aug-15 17:00:35

Hartbeeps musical, multi sensory classes are launching in The Chocolate Factory weekly from 9th September. The classes are full of imagination play, puppets, props and lots of fun.
There is a bit more info on Facebook page -

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