Moving to Glasgow suburbs, which one?

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Peppasavedmylife Wed 22-Oct-14 20:13:48

Hi everyone,
We are moving to Glasgow in a few months. We lived in the West End for a long time years ago, but have been in other cities for many years. Now we have three kids under four and are looking for a nice villagey type suburb with good state schools and a community feel. We originally set our minds on Newton Mearns, but whenever we visit it feels like there is no centre, unless you consider the shopping mall. Not being from Scotland, we would like the potential to live in a nice community so we can build up a new life.
We have a good budget for a house, around £500,000, and from rightmove I see we could probably afford something decent in most places (four bed detached hopefully). But the question is where! Bearsden, Milngavie, Bridge of Weir perhaps? I have been to Bearsden and loved the look of the village, so something like that would be nice.
Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!

beatricequimby Thu 23-Oct-14 19:51:10

Milngavie originally was a village so it might fit you bill. The old village centre is all pedestrianised which encourages people to stop and chat. There is a little playpark right in the middle. Smaller than Bearsden so mostly within walking distance of the village. Bearsden centre is definitely posher but Bearsden is very sprawling so a lot of houses you might see advertised in Bearsden area long way from the centre.

Areteprettymum Fri 24-Oct-14 18:34:16

If you like the look and feel of Bearsden, I suggest you have a look around Bishopbriggs also. It is a smaller suburb and I feel a bit more inclusive if you like !

Just a suggestion mind.

Good luck in your search x

tumblebunny Sat 25-Oct-14 09:59:46

Milngavie is lovely, lots of great schools and a proper 'village centre'. No great distance to Glasgow, Mugdock and the reservoirs are on your doorstep and Loch Lomomd is about half an hour away. smile

janeBoyle Thu 20-Nov-14 12:15:35

I live in the West End now, but lived in Bearsden and also Craigton (just outside Milngavie).

Both are absolutely fabulous places to live because of the people, countryside and also good links into the westend/city centre.

You only miss these things when you move away sad

EnglishWeegie Thu 20-Nov-14 12:21:15

Milngavie is nice because the village centre is pedestrianised. Douglas Academy (Milngavie) certainly used to be one of the best secondaries and had (has?) A music school. Walking distance to resevoirs (nicer than it sounds) mugdock country park/drumclog moor. Lots of parks for the wee one and can feed ducks at Tannoch Loch. It also has its own Indy bookshop.

Peppasavedmylife Thu 20-Nov-14 22:01:58

Thanks very much for all your replies. Still looking for a house, but getting a good idea of where might suit...just need to find the ideal home now smile

LindsayS79 Sun 30-Nov-14 00:21:48

Have a look at bishopbriggs. Great community and schools and quick to get into the city centre. Wimpy are building new homes in the area. I'm originally from the west end and moved to bishopbriggs 5 years ago and love it. Just bought a new town house in the area, so we're waiting for it to be completed!

lisalou1981 Fri 09-Jan-15 09:50:02

Defo have a look at bishopbriggs. We moved here a year ago and love it!!

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